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I love Kate and Jordan’s wedding so much! It totally makes me think of Lipstick on Your Collar (the Dennis Potter drama with Ewan McGregor in the ’90s) – so rock and roll! The bride is what can only be described as a total bombshell, and this wedding day reflects perfectly how you do the styling: as an extension of all the things you already love on their best day ever. I’ve said it before, but these are the wedding days that are the happiest and where everyone enjoys themselves fully. Wait until you see the huge smiles in the pictures! And guys, your dancing skills RULE!

How They Met

In 2006, we both started first year of Physics and Astronomy at University of Glasgow. Apparently, Jordan was in love with me from the first moment he saw me! I couldn’t help but notice him as he was always jumping around; doing bizarre jumps and kicks around desks! I didn’t pass much heed on him, although I loved his Kermit jacket. His silly antics, I later found out, were his way of trying to impress me – they didn’t work.

At the end of the year, around exam time, he asked to be my Bebo friend! We chatted about studying and stuff on there and how awful we were both going to do in exams. After the physics exam, Jordan invited me to join him and his friends at the union for some drinks. We discussed the exam. He thought it went great, I thought it was a disaster (it turns out he failed and I got an A!). We all hung out for a while before I had to go into the city for a job interview. I promised I’d come back and he promised they’d still be there. So I came back, one job richer, and he was the only one left. We chatted and laughed loads and had quite a few drinks. Our first kiss was on the subway home.

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The Proposal

I was heading to Paris to give a talk at a conference and Jordan had the Friday and Monday off work. We decided we would go to Paris early and take in some sights before I had to work. So, apparently on the Wednesday, Jordan decided he had to propose… that weekend!

We started off the day by walking to Notre Dame and standing by the river, looking up at the Rose Window. There was a duck on the wall – Duck Monsieur (this is a key detail). We decided to queue and head inside the cathedral. Once we were out, Jordan wanted to go back through to the gardens, but I made the point that it was quicker to walk the other way if we wanted to get to Champs-Élysées. Seeing that I was adamant to go the other direction, Jordan, knowing me very well, asked if I wanted to check if the duck was still on that wall! Kate’s rational thoughts: “Well, yes! I’d love to see if the duck is there! What a great idea!” It wasn’t there.

But, we stood for a while in a nook in the wall and the sun came out… a bride came by for photos by the cathedral… *sets the scene*… Jordan swung me around to face him and took both my hands.

It went like this:

J: “I love Paris.”

K: “I love Paris too. I hate the Metro!” (we’d had a rubbish experience on it once we arrived!)

J: “I love you. I want to love you forever. Will you marry me?”

K: *blubbering mess for 45 seconds* Of course I will!



The Budget

We had a budget of around £6,500. The majority of this went on the venue for the reception and giving our guests a good meal! We were extremely lucky to find bargains here and there that kept our costs down.

The Venues

Ceremony: Turnbull Hall Catholic Chaplaincy in University of Glasgow. We both did our degrees at the University of Glasgow and used to come to this chapel together for a couple of services every year.

Reception: Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow’s West End. We chose Cottiers as not only was it a stunning venue, they ‘got’ us. They were so easy to deal with and took on our requests without a problem. They didn’t frown on our idea to have both strawberry cider and bubbles as our welcome drink choices. They let us have BOTH crème fraîche AND ice cream with our brownie desserts. Also, they allow dogs in their bar, so we got to pose for loads of photos with pooches – major bonus!

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The Styling and the Details

We didn’t have a specific theme. We love flamingos and all things tropical, pastel colours and Americana, vintage style and kitsch culture, cinema and music. All of these things played a role in our wedding and they all meshed perfectly! We weren’t fussy over colour schemes or details having to be ‘just so’ and exact. The suppliers and businesses we worked with told us that our relaxed attitude made it a whole lot easier for them to be creative. We provided our rough ideas and the experts ran with them and made everything perfect.

The DIY and the Thrift

We saved up coffee jars from the week we got engaged with the plan of decorating the tables with them. My pal, Claire, and I had an evening of lace and ribbons and glue and fluff and pompoms and got those jars looking sweet! Our florist filled them with baby’s breath and they were so cute.

I also made confetti sticks from candy-floss sticks, ribbons and tiny colourful bells for guests to shake and twirl.

I also got my craft on making flamingo and frangipani wine charms for the ladies, many of which got worn as earrings as the festivities went on!

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Overcoming Problems

There were just a couple of minor setbacks on the day – to be honest, we were so chilled about everything that these didn’t faze us at all! We had organized a coach to bring our guests the short distance from the university to the reception, but after the ceremony we were told that it had broken down. The company provided taxis for everyone instead, so crisis averted!

Also, Jordan disappeared for a while between the main and dessert. I didn’t pay much attention as we were both wandering about the tables, chatting with our guests between courses. It turned out that the venue had misplaced our iPad that had our first song on, and our after-band playlist. It also explained why when we arrived we weren’t greeted by our awesome relaxing drinks playlist featuring Lightspeed Champion and Solange. Luckily, Jordan had taken screenshots of all the songs and popped them in Dropbox. All that had to be done was access them on his phone and the staff found most of our tunes on Spotify! They were so impressed by and thankful for our calm reaction. They replaced our iPad before we went on honeymoon.

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The Advice

The best advice we can give is DO IT TOGETHER! The day belongs to both of you, so both of you should be involved. The brides and their mothers have planned most weddings that I’ve attended. There was little or no input from the husbands-to-be. I couldn’t imagine deciding on wedding details without Jordan by my side the whole way through! When planning the wedding, we pretty much did everything together. It was a shared experience and responsibility; we were marrying each other! It can be a stressful adventure at times, but, when you’re doing it all together, it’s so rewarding and it is so much fun. It all comes together in the end with the most beautiful results.

The Music

First dance – We had Hellogoodbye’s Here (In Your Arms) as our first dance. It was number one in the UK when we met in 2007 and became our song instantly! Our first dance was so much fun. We had gotten some dance moves from my burlesque instructor and added in a lot of jumping and twirling! Nobody expected us to have prepared anything and Jordan’s moves were spectacular!

Walking down the aisle – I chose an excerpt of Puccini’s Messa di Gloria as I walked down the aisle as I sang it as part of a choir when I was younger. It was played on the organ and sung by a small choir. The only thing is, I pretty much couldn’t wait to get up the aisle and was by Jordan’s side just after the singing started! Oops!

When we exited the chapel as husband and wife, we walked to Clark’s Trumpet Voluntary. There’s a sense of achievement and pride that song instills in me and it was perfect.


Photography – Babette Corvette
Locations – Turnbull Hall Catholic Chaplaincy in University of Glasgow for the ceremony and Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow’s West End for the reception.
Bride – Custom 1950s gown and petticoat by Flossy & Dossy; Melissa dove blue shoes with red hearts (I added sparkles myself!) from NONNON; vintage veil cap found in Cancer Research charity shop with dress lace embellishment by bride and hand-embroidered pineapples and flamingo by lovely friend, Kathryn; Merry Widow underwear in peach satin by What Katie Did, peach satin knickers by Stella McCartney at Coco de Mer, and a nude and blue latex garter by Zorenko London; borrowed an opalescent bracelet from sister on the day!
Hair and make-up – Miss DixieBelle
Groom – Prince of Wales suit, gold orb tie, anchor tie slide all by Vivienne Westwood; shoes from ALDO; shirt from Zara​ ​
Best man – suit by Topman; bronze orb tie by Vivienne Westwood
Maid of Honour – floral ’50s swing dress by Lindy Bop; peach rose crown by Crown and Glory; mint green jelly sandals by JuJu; gold pineapple necklace by ASOS

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