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This wedding is an absolute dream to look at: so design-led (well, the bride is an interior designer, so it couldn’t be anything other than super stylish) and chock full of Pinterest-worthy ideas. There are dreamcatchers and woodland ferns, feathers, candlesticks from India, details from both backgrounds that fuse together to create this magical day. I like how there are brights alongside muted tones, natural and woody details alongside the ornate: clashing that creates a harmony. Genius! I love this wedding!!

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Their story…
Sid and I met whilst working in the Middle East when I moved into the same apartment building as him. It was not love at first sight; I parked my car in his parking space and he left a mean note on my windscreen. Over dinner at a mutual friend’s house, we actually realised who each other was (he was definitely embarrassed!). Putting that behind us, we became good friends and six months later, we realised it was more than a ‘just friends’ relationship (only after I accidentally backed into his car!) We fell in love and moved to Canada with our two cats to start a new life together.

After we got engaged (in a beautiful winery in Canada), we knew straight away the wedding was going to be no easy task; we are a couple that has ties all over the world. Being beach lovers, we thought we would have a small and intimate celebration in a warm and sunny destination. But when you have family and friends scattered all over the world, and they all want to be there, you know you have to choose a more central location! So we settled on England (where I’m from), which is almost half way between Canada and India, where the groom’s parents live. The rest of the guests, coming from far away destinations including New Zealand, Australia, the Caribbean, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, figured it out!

I found my wedding dress right away here in Canada with my mum on Skype in the store! Finding the bridesmaids’ dresses was probably one of the most challenging tasks; my four bridesmaids live in three different countries around the world, so trying to coordinate that was something in itself! Thank goodness for online shopping.

Another big challenge was that you can never predict the weather in England! I was desperate for the outdoors reception within the wide open gardens of the beautiful Stansted House, but I knew that that was asking for trouble. I’ve been going there ever since I was a child, so it had many memories and significance for me. So we rented a tent, and I spent countless hours trying to arrange the perfect layout on a design program to make the space work.

The day before, we decorated and adorned it with handmade dreamcatchers, ferns and moss from the local forest, feathers, ribbons and brass candlesticks that were brought all the way from India. Being an interior designer and a passionate crafter, I really wanted to do the design and décor myself, but it was definitely time consuming!

The weeks running up to the wedding were stressful – it rained non-stop, there were last minute cancellations, I started panicking about not being able to finish the decorations, and the to-do list just did not stop growing! When you have a vision for something, it can feel like no one else in the whole world understands it apart from you – it felt like that during the whole time planning this wedding! But…when I stepped into the church and walked down the aisle towards my groom, absolutely everything was perfect. My family and friends really pulled through for us (thank you again!).

Something I realised during the whole process was that it doesn’t matter where you’re from in the world, or what culture you belong to, you’ll find pretty much the same issues and stresses in all weddings. As long as you marry the person of your dreams, that’s all that matters.

Photography – Nicki Feltham Photography
Wedding dress – Allure Bridals
Bride’s lengha – made in India
Groom’s suit – custom made in India
Bridesmaids’ dresses – BHS
Young bridesmaids’ dresses – Ilovegorgeous
Hair and make-up – Polka Dot Hair and Makeup
Florist – Becky-Lou Florist
Reception venue – Stansted House
Church – St. Thomas A Becket, Warblington
Décor – Laura Van Beek
Catering – Red Anywhere Catering
Tent rental – Lewis Marquees