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You know how I always say that rain will actually never ruin your wedding day? That in all the rainy day weddings I’ve blogged about, I have yet to see one that wasn’t enhanced by the rain? Well this engagement shoot shows that it’s true of pre-wedding sessions, too. Look how atmospheric these are! The colours of the couple are given a beautiful vibrancy by the dramatic skies and rain-soaked scenery (which, by the way, is beautiful Scotland! I know it well for this kind of lighting and evocative look.), and you just wouldn’t get this in the blazing sunshine. Basically, never despair what the weather is doing; if you have a professional photographer, like Eric-René Penoy who took these shots, they will make sure your beauty shines through, rain or shine!


I’ll hand over to Daniela (who said when she wrote this she missed Scotland a lot aw!), to tell you more…

We actually lived together before we became a couple. I was looking for a flat in the beginning of my studies, and he was looking for a roommate in his flatshare. I was quite desperate to find a room, so the day we met I already moved in. Since I was new in town and didn’t know anybody, he introduced me to his friends, bars and places. A few weeks later, we were a couple. That was 15 years ago.

We’d talked about marriage now and then, but nevertheless the proposal came as a surprise. It was during an evening walk that Sven had talked me into, even though I’d have preferred a lazy evening in front of the TV. He proposed on our favourite spot in the town I was living in by then, upon a hill with a beautiful view of the medieval town centre below.


We came to Scotland to get married in a small and intimate civil ceremony with only parents, and we’ll have the religious ceremony with friends and whole family back in Germany. We wanted to have a memory of that special day and so thought to combine that with an engagement shoot.

We’ve spent quite some time together in the UK, and the Scottish landscape is amazing – we wanted to integrate that somehow in the pictures. At the beginning of the shoot, it had started to rain heavily, and soon we were all soaking wet. In the end, this created a very special atmosphere on the pictures, with all the fog and hanging clouds, which we had not expected when we started – so at least in the end we got rewarded for the ruined hairdo on the wedding day!

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_MG_8048 _MG_8065

Photography credit
Eric-René Penoy