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The end of March, and I can already feel summer just around the corner… Mind you, it was definitely not summer when we did the first ever Way Out Wedding styled shoot a couple of weeks ago!! It was raining and freezing, but just wait ’til you see the results. Here’s a sneak preview from Enchanted Brides Photography above!! I’ll be blogging about this soon, and telling you all about the unbelievable suppliers (including Studio 1 Hair Design, Beautiful Me – Bespoke Make-up Artistry, The Flower Girls, Wild and Violet, Cocoa Couture, Willow and Lace) who I would recommend in a heartbeat. So professional, so creative, just wonderful.

This month has been really good for me, personally, in terms of overcoming my shyness and I suppose a fear of social stuff that takes me away from the comfort and safety of my home, not only with the amazing people on the styled shoot, but also when I met up with two wonderful ladies, Helen from The Wedding Bazaar and Emma from The Flower Girls. Helen and I had a mini-adventure trying to find an alternative place to have our coffee once we realised the original meeting place wasn’t open. We ended up at a B&B where I panicked that we had wandered into someone’s front room (it was a super cosy and informal type of place!), we then ended up in someone’s driveway where I worried I might run over the cat who took a shine to the car, and finally we went to a garden centre and ate a hearty brunch and talked and talked like we had been friends for ever. Helen, you are an inspirational blogger and I cannot wait to meet you again!

Emma and I had no such drama before we met, and we spent an hour or two also talking like we’d known each other for years. I met her on the styled shoot, where she brought the most incredible bouquet that has had all my friends going “WOW!!” when they see the above picture. I loved all the things we talked about and the plans we started to make about more collaborations, and I am so excited to hang out with her again. Seriously, if you blog, or work from home in any way, be brave and get out and meet people in real life – I feel like I’ve made so many awesome new friends who inspire me no end.

My plans for a preloved bridal range are coming along brilliantly, with the exciting news that the stationery genius that is Satin and Tat is doing my branding!! I’ve admired Sharon’s alternative designs for ages, so I was so chuffed when she was up for designing the look of No Débutante (I finally named it!) for me. If you can identify the song that the name is taken from, 10% off your first purchase for you! First one to tell me wins.

I hope you’re enjoying this new format of the roundup post. I think it’s really visual and lovely to read *toots own trumpet*. Don’t forget to hover over the gallery images to see what each one is about, and then click it to go to where it’s from for the full stories!

The weddings, etc.

Orchardleigh House Somerset wedding – Steve Gerrard Photography

Pink glitter hair bow by Beau XOXO



The Business

The Fashion

  • As well as gearing up to sell wedding attire through No Débutante, I’ve started selling things on my Depop. I bought a few jumpers from eBay, but they didn’t suit me. Gutted! Are you on there? If so/not, come and join me! Be warned, Depop can be just as addictive as Instagram and eBay, which is actually basically what it is: a mash-up of those two things.
  • The publicity shots for the Vivienne Westwood spring/summer 2015 campaign, by Juergen Teller, remind me of 1990s Brit Art, Tracey Emin in particular. Check them out – they’re grand!



  • The Tatty Devine spring/summer 2015 range is inspired by Tudor times, and I love it. “Taking inspiration from stately Tudor manors and historic English gardens, fresh florals play against sculptural architecture, contrasting in form and structure. Iconic Tudor timber frameworks are recreated in walnut wood and bygone houses are updated for the 21st century in laser cut black Perspex, with hand inked etching replacing traditional wattle and daub.”

SS15-TUD-N3 1000


  • Floral necklace from Magaela on Etsy is perfect for spring and summer weddings.


The Food and Drink

The Other

  • These incredible Wonderland photos came from one photographer’s grief at the death of her mother… “The trigger for the way photography changed my life was my mother’s diagnosis with cancer,” artist Kirsty Mitchell says. “Photography became my voice when I couldn’t speak about what I was going through.”


Alex de Mora



The Way Out Life Stuff


Have a happy, hoppy, chocolatey Easter!!