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Fishee Designs

I want to introduce you to Emily Fisher. First of all because I’m so excited to announce that she is a new advertiser on Way Out Wedding!! Emily runs a brilliantly fun photobooth company called Fishee Designs, which you absolutely must hire for your wedding. Just look at the unabashed silliness and laughter going on in the pictures below!! Perfect for your big day party.

And secondly because she’s the perfect example of how being an entrepreneur can be the most fun you ever had and is as far from boring as can be. You don’t need to be corporate to be a success.

Emily not only runs Fishee Designs, but she’s a blogger on her fashion and lifestyle blog Mermaid Gossip, and she’s a freelance graphic designer who’ll knock you up a mean logo, branding, WordPress site, you name it.

Doing all the things she loves for a living, building up a strong, unique and recognisable brand as she goes, Emily is a bit of an inspiration to me, and I was interested to find out more about how she does it!

WOW: So, how did you get into running a photobooth?
Emily: I first set up the photobooth four years ago with a view to attend festivals with it. I used to be an event manager for a cash and carry, and I attended lots of festivals and saw a gap in the market. I’d always wanted to be self-employed and this was the idea (out of many) that felt like it could be the one to make it happen. It wasn’t until I started advertising for weddings that things took off big!

The Blogcademy Mixer by Fishee Designs Photo Booth 1000 px at 72dpi with logo 48

WOW: Emily, what are your top tips for posing in a photobooth – I am hopeless at these and end up looking like a rabbit in headlights!!
Emily: Ha, I get that a lot. I’d say relax, have fun with it. Drop your front hip towards the camera, hand on hip, head down slightly and smile! Or pull the silliest face you can. My fav is actually when people are dead serious and look totally bored! Don’t know why, it just works!

WOW: Tell us about Mermaid Gossip.
Emily: Mermaid Gossip is my fashion and lifestyle blog that I set up in August 2014. I was blogging under my Fishee Designs hat for a long time until I decided my blog content and my business were confusing people and the blog needed its own space. I love fashion and alternative style, and I love to be creative. The two brands give me a different outlet, whilst fitting nicely together as sister companies.

WOW: Describe your style.
Emily: It’s fun and colourful, and very pink!

WOW: Top five films?
Emily: I’m not much of a film buff, but I’d say they are: The Little Mermaid; The Notebook; About Time; Enchanted; and Frozen.

WOW: Any business tips for fellow entrepreneurs?
Emily: Just go for it. Stop waiting around for things to be perfect and just dive in and figure things out as you go.

WOW: What would your dream wedding day look like?
Emily: A festival type wedding with Mumford and Sons playing, lots of hay bales and pops of colour thrown in throughout.

WOW: What would your school yearbook caption have been? Most likely to…
Emily: …be distracted in class.

WOW: Weddings are…
Emily: …awesome and fun, and I’m so proud to be a part of every single one I get to take the photobooth to.

WOW: What’s next for the business?
Emily: I’m on a mission to make weddings and events around the world more sparkly and glittery places. With my photobooth business, I have huge dreams of plentiful bookings and franchise opportunities. I want to create jobs for fellow quirky creatives. I want to have an office that rivals Google HQ. I want to take over the world! Of course it’s one step at a time, that’s how I’ve grown my company over the past two years, and with very little support or funding I’ve been able to single-handedly go from £1,500 in my first year to a £25,000 turnover last year.

Onwards and upwards! If you book your Fishee Designs photobooth, please do mention that you saw it on Way Out Wedding. Now to practise my ‘non-startled rabbit’ booth posing… 

Sarah and Michael Wedding Hollywood Glamour Photo Booth by Fishee Designs Photo Booth 22

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