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Funk fiction-Tant de poses176 (56)
Pulp Fiction clearly has lasting style. It arrived with a bang in the 1990s, and showed us all the power of a sleek black bob, a white shirt and vampy claret-coloured nails. Mia Wallace is a bit of an icon, drug-abuse aside…


I saw this Tarantino-inspired styled shoot on the brilliant French wedding blog Queen for a Day‘s Facebook page, and I just thought what an original idea for a wedding shoot!! Have to have it. The suppliers making up the team are having an absolute scream throughout, and it really shows in the images – so much fun!


I love the teaming up of modern bridal looks with major retro décor styling. It creates such interest and it works really well to create a visual impact – lots of colour and pattern. It’s all fairly eclectic stuff in terms of the table styling – you could easily borrow as well as buy these details. Thrift stores, eBay and vintage places would be great for sourcing some of the genuine 1970s bits. Your parents and grandparents might even have some stuff at home. Good hunting!


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 So, would you have a Tarantino-inspired wedding? Which films would you choose? It’d be a choice between Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction for me.

Photography – Studio Huit and Tant de Poses
Creative direction – Queen For a Day
Dresses – Atelier 2B
MUA – Flo.s
Hair – Madame Sans Gêne
Shoes – Dessine Moi un Soulier
Suits – Samson
Bow ties – Le Colonel Moutarde
Girls in suits – ASOSMaison Guillemette
Flowers – Gali M
Videography – YM Productions
Table décor – Charlette et Juliotte
Stationery – Nabe Fabric
Props – Mes Petits Packaging
Photobooth – Clic-Omatic
Sweet table and patisseries – Manon OhlalaCarotte jaune et tomate rose
Location – Mariage et Dessert
Models – Anyssa, Yannick, Charlotte, Raph, Amélie from Queen For a Day, and Maëliss