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The edgy photography style in this love shoot grabbed me the instant I saw it. It’s by Bridgwood Wedding Photography, whose style is arrestingly unique, and Steve behind the camera is just so lovely that I think you should book him right now for your wedding!!


His subjects here are fellow photographers Ellie and Josh, who both have incredible dress sense, and I want to buy a short white dress to go with my DMs now. The 1990s looking as fine as ever! Long live.


And for me, what marks this apart from other couple shoots I’ve seen is that Ellie and Josh have dressed up. They’ve worn camera-friendly colours, and outfits that definitely won’t be lost in the background. If you’re planning on having a shoot like this, get yourself dolled right up. Be bold and you will have bold, interesting photos. Dress down, and your pictures may end up a little normal looking. Go fancy or go home!



BWP-9 BWP-14 BWP-24 BWP-34 BWP-18 BWP-19 BWP-23 BWP-27 BWP-31 BWP-32 BWP-39



From Ellie…

We met when we were at school, and we’ve been in and out of each other’s lives for a long time. We got back in touch and started talking online when Josh was working in Gibraltar. He came straight here from his flight home and hasn’t really left since!


What made us choose to do a couples shoot? We’re both photographers and so spend a lot of time behind the camera. We thought we owed it to our clients to get on the other side for once. I’ve worked with Steve and I love his style.

We live in Buxton, in Derbyshire, and we use this place ourselves to shoot. We loved how Steve looks at the place with fresh eyes. We wanted a shoot that captured our personalities and we think Steve did that perfectly.