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This category of industry news is filling up nicely. There’s just so much exciting stuff going on behind-the-scenes from industry vendors, venues, designers, magazines and bloggers, and I love being able to tell you about them. It may spark off an inspirational thought, it might make you book to go on an event where you find your dream dress, it might do the simple job of letting you know that most suppliers are genuine and creative and are more concerned with being the best they can for their customers than they are with separating them from their money (which is one of the unfair insults hurled at this industry). And if you work in the wedding world, I hope you’ve discovered some of the cool workshops and events where you can meet more of your tribe!

This latest post is to tell you that there’s a new magazine in town called Love Our Wedding. Now I’ve said it a hundred times before, but I LOVE magazines. There’s nothing like the feel, the look, and the smell of the printed page. Something to hold, to dog ear, heck even to rip up and scrapbook with!

Long live print.

Add into the equation a bridal genre magazine, and well I’m all over it.

Love Our Wedding is handbag-sized and has all sorts of goodies for those of you in the throes of wedding planning: new designer ranges, a guide to the hottest plus-size gowns, a bunch of real weddings, and some theme ideas, to mention a few. And that’s just issue one!!


The best bit? It’s free. FREE!! You can either pick one up at one of the wedding fairs it’s stocked at, or do what I did and pay £2 for postage and packing and have it sent to you. And if you want it completely for free, but don’t see it at the fair you’re attending, just download it in digital format from the website.

However you acquire it, acquire it: it’s a fab read!

You can find Love Our Wedding on: website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest