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GoT Annie Leibovitz

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond gutted that there won’t be a new series of Game of Thrones for ages. It’s the best thing to happen to TV in years, and I watch it on repeat – no shame. I know the story like the back of Jamie Lannister’s hand. Or something more reliable…


There’s an army of die hard fans out there who’d love to get involved in a bit of Westerosi role play, so what if I said to you grooms that you could have a GoT stag do from the experts at StagWeb? Visit the King’s Road and Winterfell? You’d be sending them a raven (or email, if you insist) to confirm you’re on your way, right? Right!!

“I’ve always hated the bells. They ring for horror. A dead king, a city under siege…” – Lord Varys
“A wedding.” – Tyrion Lannister

While you may be gambling with your happiness and life where a Game of Thrones wedding is concerned, you should be safe at a stag do. Party hard as you mean to go on! Here are some of the brilliant packages on offer:

  • Battle of Thrones School – Learn how to handle weapons like ‘The Hound’ or ‘Jamie Lannister’ without the fear of being killed off in the next series or losing a limb.
  • Hire A Castle – Stags can hire an entire castle exclusively for their weekend. At the end of their stay, each stag will become a bona fide “Lord” with a legal title and landholding.
  • Game of Thrones Tour – Visit some the most iconic settings from the show. Highlights include Castle Black, Storm’s End, Lordsport, and more.
  • Medieval Banquet – The groom’s companions can eat, drink and be merry as they toast the groom’s own forthcoming Red Wedding with a medieval-themed banquet.

There are ten GoT inspired packages throughout the UK & Europe to choose from, including archery and axe throwing, climbing, abseiling and even relaxing baths filled with beer, fit for a kingslayer.


StagWeb’s digital marketing manager, Andy Viveash, said “At StagWeb we’re all huge Game of Thrones fans and seeing as so many grooms are also hooked, we wanted to create something as a fitting tribute to the show that wouldn’t involve the stags having to fight the Unsullied Army or drink Dothraki beer.”

Find out more about the Game of Thrones stag weekends here

Can we have one for the hens, please? Sod L plates, we want a bit of swordplay and blood magic!! And perhaps a little bit of Jon Snow. Just saying…

Credit – main photograph by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair