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Gabrielle 5

Leanne Marshall was my favourite on Project Runway 5, and a clear winner for me. She was cool-headed amidst the surrounding flounces and dramas and her determination was quiet. She was, basically, a talented class-act. She’s gone on to create the most wonderful bridal wear – youthful, fun, contemporary and unique.

Today, I’m showing you Leanne’s spring 2016 collection. Her designs are beautiful, and I’d love to see them in print as a coffee table book, one of those weighty ones that are the pride and joy of your bookshelf. Anyway, I wander… here are the dresses!


Marion 6


Gabrielle 2

Gabrielle with Madeline


Lucinda 2

Wythe – slip and dress

Wythe 6




Adele 2

Willow – slip and dress

Willow 8


Leanne Marshall // Rock the Frock