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Wynyard Hall CARRO of Wynyard-10

I go all doe-eyed for anything that falls into that Parisian/Marie Antoinette/baroque/rococo kind of feel. And so I was rather taken with this styled bridal shoot from Sophie at SC Event Styling. There are all the elements I love: the golds and whites in the palette, with a dash of pink; the lavish cakes and  sweet bites; and, of course, the drama of the dresses.

Wynyard Hall CARRO of Wynyard Photography

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Wynyard Hall SC Styling Bridal Fashion High-57053

Wynyard Hall SC Styling Bridal Fashion High-13005 Wynyard Hall SC Styling Bridal Fashion High-53049 Wynyard Hall CARRO of Wynyard-9 Wynyard Hall SC Styling Bridal Fashion High-6056

The Story of The Shoot from Sophie

“I wanted to create an idea, a theme and a look that would transport the viewer to a ‘Parisian Love Affair’.

“To follow the very first threads of an idea, I headed over to my favourite font of inspiration – Pinterest! I searched for ideas based around a very traditional colour scheme of pink and gold, however I wanted to use some current and future trends within the design to keep it fresh.

“I then searched and thought about local companies in the wedding industry that I thought would be perfect to bring my ideas to life, and boy did I hit the jackpot!

“I chose to use colours of blush pink, rose gold, antique gold and silver within the design. This colour palette really made me think of Paris with its air of romance and luxurious ambience. I utilised different textures within the styling, this really adds to the luxurious feeling of the overall shoot. The textures were varied from gold glitter jars, cut glass bud vases, and voluptuous hydrangeas. I also just had to use blush pink ranunculuses; the layer upon layer of beautiful soft petals just makes me smile.

“When I met with all of the wonderful suppliers involved, I expressed my wish for the shoot to be very aspirational and inspiring. I wanted you to see the images and take parts of the overall styling as inspiration for your special day. Everyone really went above and beyond my expectation. They all thought outside the typical ‘bridal’ themes, and we came up with something that I think could easily translate to your day.

“This shoot shows that you can have a strong theme without allowing it to control or take over all of the details. I specifically stayed away from direct links to Paris, barring the beautiful macarons that I sourced from Anges De Sucre!”

Wynyard Hall SC Styling Bridal Fashion High-30024


Stylist and planner – SC Event Styling
Photography – Wynyard Photography
Dresses – MaoCouture Bridal
Tutus – Mrs W Tutus
Accessories – Cheryl-Ann Taylor Made In England
Hairstylist – Beauty Call
Make-up artist – Cordelia & Co
Stationery – Ruby Shoes Wedding
Bunting – Emma Bunting
Cake – Jen’s House of Cakes
Macarons – Anges de Sucre
Models – Natasha Wardman and Bethany Watson