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On a rainy afternoon week before last, I got an exciting Tweet mention letting me know that I’m in the running for an award at the Wedding Magazine Blog Awards 2015. Oh, yes!!!

I went last year, too, where I was in the running for the best alternative wedding blog award. I didn’t get it, but I had a really great time meeting lots of people from the industry who I’d only ever spoken to online before. We had champagne and endless canapés, and a gossip over the £5,000 cocktail that was on sale in the bar. I couldn’t get my head around that!! A bit obscene, really, but a conversation point nonetheless.

This year, the blog is up for the best real-life weddings award. I like to feature real weddings where there’s a lot of love in the room, as well as being inspirational in terms of style. I’ve not featured that many, going instead for the editorial artistry of the styled shoot, but the ones I have shown have one thing in common: they made me smile and smile as I looked through the pictures when they were submitted. They caused an emotional reaction, rather than being solely about the decorations and style. They were all weddings that were so obviously true to the couple in their everyday life. They reflect a couple as they are, but on their best day.

How to vote

If you would like to vote for me, please follow this link. Or click any of the pics in this post. Or follow the very first link at the top. Basically, I’m being very helpful and selfless in helping you all I can to vote. Ahaha! And know that I thank you very, very much!! xxx

PS the closing date is tomorrow – I have left this very late, but I’m hoping this won’t affect things… Ever the optimist.