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Pineapples are having a moment again. And they’re a big motif in this fun and happy love shoot, not only where the couple is goofing around with actual pineapples, but they’re also getting matching tattoos with this in the design. Aw! Love these two!



The Story of Manon and Florian

“We met two years ago at a garden party in Toulouse. We were in the line for the photobooth and we started talking. We started dating two months after that, and then eight months later we moved in together. 

“We are both pretty young (25 years’ old) and not in a hurry to get married, but we both know that we’re soul mates and that we will definitely get married one day. Maybe in two or three years. We do speak about it sometimes, and we like to picture the big day… We know where it will happen, and we have an idea of the number of guests. So, now… let’s save some money for this big day!

MF-studiohuit-46 MF-studiohuit-77 MF-studiohuit-78 MF-studiohuit-45 MF-studiohuit-80

“We chose to do this shoot because Margaux of Studio Huit Photography is a really good friend of mine (Manon). I love her job! I always wanted to have nice pictures with my man, and one day, when we were planning to visit a public garden, Margaux decided to join us and shoot an ‘engagement-like’ shoot. It’s all the same ’cause it’s just about love…without an engagement ring! Those pictures are amazing and are a great souvenir. As a wedding caterer, I spend a lot of time looking at wedding pictures, so I guess I was a bit jealous of all those beautiful images and wanted to have the same opportunity… And Margaux was there to realise this dream! 

“The public greenhouses from our town open their doors once a year. It’s an amazing place, with beautiful flowers, trees, etc…. It’s pretty atypical, as well, and very vintage! And because it’s only open once a year, it’s rare to have some pictures of this place. Margaux was excited to shoot there, even if it was crowded! But we cant see that on the pictures. What a great job! We decided to wear our pineapple tops because we are obsessed with this print. We will actually get the same pineapple tattoo this year! And we thought it was great with this place, with the palm trees and all this vegetation, to add a tropical touch with pineapples.”

MF-studiohuit-21 MF-studiohuit-22 MF-studiohuit-23 MF-studiohuit-24 MF-studiohuit-25 MF-studiohuit-26 MF-studiohuit-27 MF-studiohuit-28 MF-studiohuit-29



Photography – Studio Huit Photography