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If you follow Ever Photography on Instagram (known there as acalculatedrisk), your feed is going to be injected with a different class of boudoir: full of moody lighting, stories that live within a subtext, and an understanding of portraying beauty in its natural, truthful and mesmerising forms. It’s inspirational and blazingly striking boudoir.

And this one features glitter. Get on my blog.

Alex Charilaou, the man behind this edgy imagery, says of his work that he’s ” inspired by film directors, and I aspire to produce cinematic imagery. The photos I deliver are the antithesis of traditional boudoir.”

And this is why I love them…




Sophoulla chose a boudoir shoot because she wanted to have a permanent memory of her beauty and confidence. She felt it would empower her and also indulge her creative side; she had the idea for the glitter shots!

Sophoulla chose to shoot with me because I had worked with some of her friends, who had given me great feedback and testimony. Also, the way I shoot is the opposite of traditional/glamour/cheesy boudoir, and more artistic, moody and cinematic.

Sophoulla-131 Sophoulla-133 Sophoulla-137

Sophoulla wanted the shoot for herself, to feel good about herself, and also to inspire friends and possibly pursue avenues as a model in future.

I believe boudoir is perfect for people who are shy. I’d say 30% of the people I’ve worked with on a boudoir shoot are shy, and 99% are nervous! But I think nerves can be channeled into a positive energy during the shoot itself. I’d also say that 100% of those who have shot with me come away feeling incredible, confident, empowered and no longer as shy!


I direct in as natural a way as possible. My directing style is all about comfort and confidence – these are my golden rules – I believe the best results and the best shoot experiences follow if the people involved have the highest level of comfort. This begins with my very first contact with them and continues until after the final shots are delivered. I always let them know in advance what the shoot will be like, how I direct on the day, what they can expect, and that they are in control. I advise them what will look good, how to prepare, and ask them lots of questions to make it a more collaborative process, rather than just me ordering them about. I’ll go through the clothing options they might bring along and pick out what I feel will look best, and also ask what they feel they would look best in.

Sophoulla-331 Sophoulla-351 Sophoulla-327

During the shoot, I direct by first being inspired by the light, the location and what the person is wearing or feeling, then we might take a look at some reference images to base a set of poses on and relax into the process. I’ll give a few general directions to fit my style and make small adjustments to posing as we go, trying to keep it as natural and reassuring and possible. I also use music to help bring out emotions and movement and to make the shoot as fun as possible!

I can’t say it enough that this is my favourite style of boudoir. It is more about the subject and her story, her experiences, her vulnerabilities and strengths, than it is about the underwear. This shoot, as with all of Ever Photography’s, is about the person and not the clothes or props. It’s deep, it’s genuine, it has a strong vision and aesthetic, and it reminds me of Art House Cinema. Do yourself a big favour and click those links below to see more of Alex’s hypnotic work.

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