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Kel Ward Photography Vintage Bride Shoot

This shoot is outright proof that you can create a killer bridal outfit that looks classy and striking on a budget. You will be shocked when I tell you just how little was spent given that it looks so elegant and expensive… It came in at around just $30!!! Get thee to some thrift stores, pronto, budget vintage brides. How incredible!!

Kel Ward Photography Vintage Bride Shoot

The Story of the Shoot from Kel Ward

“This was a DIY/budget shoot. I picked up the dress at the thrift store for $5, the veil was a DIY project that cost about $2, and the shoes were purchased at a thrift store for under $20. The model brought a crown she picked up in a little boutique in California.

“Like many of my sessions, this was a hybrid, i.e. shot on both film and digital. The indoor photos were shot in my (former) natural light studio and shot all on digital. I recently moved out of that space and miss that dramatic light that I got late in the day. The outdoor shots were all shot on film, in the alley behind the studio. Hair and make-up were done by the model.”

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Photography – Kel Ward Photography
Model – MontaƱa Ocampo
Bouquet – Morning Glories Floral