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A Most Curious Wedding Fair 2015 was another success for the modern bridal show, where contemporary, original and innovative are the watchwords, rather than traditional.

Described as ‘the nation’s coolest wedding fair’ on BBC2’s primetime show HAIR, Most Curious has launched its dates for the spring of 2016.

“Over 120 exhibitors, hand-picked for their finger on the pulse and creativity in their hearts, will take over the prestigious location on the coolest street in the UK – Brick Lane. And over 60 of East Anglia’s chicest and hippest wedding vendors will fill up the grand and historical space at St Andrews Hall in Norwich. Great design, fashion and lifestyle trends will be celebrated and incorporated into the wedding world with these carefully curated shows with an explosion of inspiration for the coolest couples!

“Fashion shows, live music, craft beers and street food will ensure a whole day out’s worth of nuptial research and enjoyment!”

Previous winners of the event’s bridalNext! award, which is “an initiative set up by Most Curious to support and promote fresh, fashion-led, new and innovative talent in the bridal industry. Not only launching them into the spotlight, but also bringing them straight to the creative, stylish and cool loving brides and grooms,” all came together to produce the campaign images. These are photographer Natalie J Weddings, dress designer Velvet Johnstone, milliner and accessories designer AM Faulkner, and stationer Oh Squirrel. I’ll be showing you this shoot tomorrow on the blog as a separate post because it is too gorgeous to simply select a few images for this one!! You’ll see straight away that this is a wedding fair dedicated to the talented new kids, the groundbreakers and the industry game changers.

Most Curious When and Where

LONDON – Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March, 2016, 10.30 AM – 5.30PM

NORWICH – Sunday 20th March, 2016, 11 AM–4.00 PM

The Exhibitors

Check out this exciting list of suppliers!! There are more, and you can check them out soon on the exhibitor directory page.

Q&A with Most Curious Team

Tell me the story of The Most Curious Wedding Fair…

Founder, Becky Hoh-Hale, hired out vintage props under the name A Most Curious Party when she had a hard time finding items of that style for her own wedding in 2008, i.e. before that trend exploded, and that other brides were finding the same thing. This worked for a long while, but following a disappointing spell at wedding fairs exhibiting her wares, it was time to move on. Becky turned her pioneering spirit to the wedding fairs themselves, and Most Curious, the wedding show for the style-savvy couple, was born.

“My background (other than Most Curious) is interior design and design journalism, and my passion lies in championing the new – the movers and shakers in the design industry, who are not following the trends but creating them. After attending numerous design shows all over the world from Paris, Milan, Poland, Germany, Denmark and of course London, I sought to bring this formula to the wedding world.

“Most Curious unites trend aware and directional suppliers with the free and forward thinking couples who want their wedding day to be as design and fashion led as the rest of their lives, as free-spirited and wild as their love, and not particularly subscribing to a hugely traditional aesthetic for their big day, just what they love, but focused down into a wonderful 24 hour production!

“The team comprises me as head of production, Sara Smyth, a former lawyer and chic wedding boutique owner, head exhibitor sourcer and liaiser Cat Brennan who has an alter ego as an accountant but also a dark party girl past that we occasionally catch glimpses of and we still need to hear about! And Gemma heads up the Norwich shows, and is a set builder and fine art illustrator – so it’s a mixed bag! But it works!”


What makes your event special?

“I think Most Curious is special because there is no grand plan; we do truly do it because of the love of it. We love fashion, design, and cool, beautiful things, and representing that is the most important part for us. We are all alternative kids done good (!), so we’re not master entrepreneurs; we are a bit quirky and down-to-earth and friendly, as well as being able to produce a slick show. Finding the new talent and ideas, listening to those in our audience, what they want and adore, and connecting them to the right people, are always gonna be top of our list and we don’t lose sight of that. We do not rest until we feel each and every single show does that and also brings something a little extra than the last.

“But having said that, we have got four years and 12 shows under our belt, so we do know how to put on a darn good event that does what it says on the tin quite smoothly.

“There are hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding shows, and perhaps reaching triple figures of ‘alternative’ wedding shows too, but ours was the first one to step out into the unknown after the vintage explosion. Most Curious is kind of what happens after vintage!

“We chose industrial spaces that let the exhibitors shine, and they never let us down with amazing creativity that you will not see at any other wedding show – they egg each other on to push their own boundaries with stand design and new product launches that they feel have to be good enough for the Most Curious brides! It’s always so exciting on set-up day to see it unfolding!

“This is the one to be at to see the trends for the coming year and beyond, to be part of it. This is clear from the amount of press we get at each show, too – from Stylist to Condé Nast’s Brides – these guys come along to see what is truly hot or just about to be in the industry. The new makers and shakers come to us to connect with the right people and that is something we LOVE.

“It’s also big enough to host fashion shows, as well as a café, bar, and live music, so it’s nothing if it’s not a great day out to see some of the most outstanding, forward thinking creativity in the wedding world under one roof, in the most hipster of surroundings, doing the most hipster of things – eating from food trucks, drinking cold-pressed coffee and craft beer, while looking at beautiful dresses, amazing florals and accessories, cutting edge cakes and stationery, while having a bop to folk bands and seeing live fashion events and styled up areas to get you inspired.

“It’s budget-aware, as well. The design does not completely take over from the idea of realistic prices. We are not fussed with something being high-end or totally ‘luxury’, we chosoe people with their feet on the ground to exhibit. We find that our type of creative exhibitors are more interested in doing a job well, i.e. a bespoke service for the couple and succeeding in creating something they want, rather than making huge profits! So the affordability goes hand in hand with the territory.”


What kind of bride is the Most Curious Wedding Fair aimed at?

“A Most Curious bride probably works in the creative or media world, and knows what she likes, aesthetically. We are not a show for people who haven’t got any ideas about how their wedding should be; we want to be their guide and the helping hand they need to achieve their vision. Her home is full of cacti and wandering plants, macramé hangings or artistic prints, her wardrobe is full of vintage and indie design pieces alongside a little bit of Topshop and heck, even New Look. Things don’t have to cost a bomb for her to be able to make it look cool – she has a magpie eye for the beautiful. As a couple, they love music and have plenty of vinyl in their lives and “I LOVE this song” moments together, spending hours discussing or listening to their favourite bands. At heart, she may be a little geeky and enjoy duvet days with a good book or stargazing with her beau equally as much as hitting Dalston High Street in her leather jacket and skinny jeans. She probably knows what she wants for her wedding, but is not exactly sure where to get it. But we know that we are fulfilling our tasks with this type of bride because we see them do a little skip when they walk into the show and mouth “THIS is what I mean…”.”

“We bloody love it!”


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