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Yesterday, I showed you the details and dates for the brilliant Most Curious Wedding Fair, and a little Q&A interview with the organisers, Becky Hoh-Hale and Sara Smyth. Did you also see the glimpses of the styled shoot their team and they did for the campaign imagery? They’re amazing at this, and it’s my favourite bit of the lead-up to the event, seeing what creativity and ingenuity they come up with next. Here’s the entire thing in all its glory because you know me – lovesick for the styled shoot! No way I could pass up blogging that!!





The Story of The Shoot

With the shoot, we knew we had to represent current lifestyle trends as well as bridal trends, now and beyond, because that is what the show is all about – bringing couples’ everyday love for the cool, for great style, design and fashion, that they already pepper their lives with into their big day.

That’s why we didn’t massively think, right, what’s hot in the world of weddings – we thought, what are people loving right now in general?

So that meant things we wanted in our homes, things we were seeing in fashion and lifestyle mags, current obsessions, regardless of the ‘W’ word.

And this meant pastel colour-blocking, tasseled wall hangings, succulents (of course!), macramé hanging baskets, but in bright colours rather than washed and muted out ones, peg boards, and graphic and ethnic prints.


We had an amazing team this year, as well – all the winners of the bridalNEXT! section of the show. This is our initiative and platform for up-and-coming designer makers who want to break into the wedding industry. So they have to be a business or maker set-up under three years’ old, and the price point of this stand is actually a little lower.

This year, our winners were photographer Natalie J Weddings, dress designer Velvet Johnstone, milliner and accessories designer AM Faulkner, and stationer Oh Squirrel.

So, we talked about the above things and knew that we were bang on because they all said these were themes they were thinking about in new collections anyhow, so it was great to all be on the same page and include some brand new designs and ideas on this shoot.

Between us, the team had Malaysian, Chinese and Filipino heritages, so we went with a little South East Asian influence this time with the on-the-floor, barefoot poses, oriental-style hairpieces, temple style flower garlands, and batik-esque fabric prints. We also felt like it was definitely time to embrace a bride of colour and ethnic ideas in the styling. Many of our brides love travel, or are indeed of mixed heritage, so we knew it was something we wanted to represent, with the styling and our beautiful model Tiger Lily from Anti Agency.


We felt that Oh Squirrel’s signature sashes could be incorporated into vertical banners, again reminiscent of temple hangings, and tied around the bouquet, which we envisaged sparking off a whole new trend in itself. Katie also created the beautiful table plan, menu cards, and place names.

Velvet Johnstone was hitting it out of the park with bridal trends left right and centre with t-shirt tops, separates, sheer skirts, and jumpsuits. Simple shapes with moments of incredible embroidery, lace and tulle craziness. What can we say? We feel so in tune with her brand that she’s basically family!

We also included gowns from Most Curious 2016 sponsors Belle & Bunty’s brand new collection, because, well – just look at them! Very much in line with Most Curious brides… and inspired by ’60s and ’70s female rock musicians, which is so of the moment it actually hurts (while looking incredible).


Anne Marie Faulkner is truly one of our fave accessory designers, and her pieces are sophisticated and beautifully made, but always have a little edge and directionality to them: a veil with bar beads in; a laser-cut hair comb; a block-y, high Toque hat; and even a geometric metal fascinator. Inspired!

Natalie J is a fashion photographer turned wedding ‘tog, and her work is often bold and makes a statement. We knew she could do wonders turning her fresh, impactful style to this brief to make these images truly jump off the page.

We used the brilliant Hackney Potter for the crockery for a great handmade, rustic vibe, along with bronze cutlery from hire company Hélène Millot Furnishings, alongside a pink blancmange – 2016 trend, anyone!

Celeb baker Lilli Vanilli brought the wow factor with her incredible colour-blocked cake, with embedded palm leaf for extra ethnic vibes. Master macramé maker Frida Florentina went with the colour block brief to create the great electric blue knotted hanging basket, and Vervain Flowers travelled miles with the incredible hanging and floral arrangements in hot orangey colours. We went with Swedish Hasbeens for the shoes, for that free-spirited folky look we know our brides love, with a little nod to oriental with such a high blocked shape.


Eclectic Eccentricity supplied the jewellery, with natural stones in all the right hues of the looks – a rocky druzy stone bracelet matched the hanging basket tone on tone, and brass and turquoise beads shone against our sea green colourama.

Portraits Bridal provided the amazing hair and make-up, relishing the ‘bridal does contemporary’ brief that they too are all about! So, big brows and pinky lip colours were the order of the day, with emphasis on street style, ‘real girl’ make-up rather than anything overly bridal. They added touches like a crimp to Tiger Lily’s down-do and ’90s style braiding for a little edge, as well as the slightly more traditional high bun up-do to reference and complement our oriental styling.

We were also super lucky to have Insta Wedding to come and film our antics – they make the cutest cinematic wedding vids, as well as being wedding photographers!




Photography – Natalie J Weddings
Videography – Insta Wedding
Stationery and sashes – Oh Squirrel
Veils – AM Faulkner
Bridalwear – Velvet Johnstone and Belle & Bunty
Cake – Lily Vanilli
Flowers and hanging baskets – Vervain Flowers and Frida Florentina
Crockery – Hackney Potter
Cutlery – Hélène Millot Furnishings
Jewellery – Eclectic Eccentricity
Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens
Hair and MUA – Portraits Bridal
Model – Tiger Lily from Anti Agency