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I think Kel Ward is a bit of a genius. You might remember her last shoot that I featured, where I was amazed that it all came in at around $30, and yet looked divine and as elegant as something way dearer would. Well, here is another styled shoot (this time a fabulous same-sex, gothic, Hallowe’en elopement) that looks expensive, but was very, very budget. “I spent maybe $50 on everything” Kel told me. I am in awe!! And it goes to show that you really don’t need to fret about spending thousands, if that’s not what you want to do. Do book a professional photographer, though, because they’ll ensure even the least expensive of attire and props look fabulous for ever. As you will see here!

kel-ward-photography-halloween-wedding-8 kel-ward-photography-halloween-wedding-10 kel-ward-photography-halloween-wedding-15


The Story of the Shoot

“I did this shoot for a variety of reasons. First, because I wanted to market to non-traditional wedding clients, hence the Hallowe’en theme and non-white wedding dress. Second, because I want to market to same-sex couples, as I’d love to get more of them as clients. Last, because I love elopements and think everyone should elope.

“This shoot came together more easily than other styled shoots I’ve done. I enlisted my friends and even a couple of clients. As soon as they heard the concept, they were on board. I threw everything together in less than 24 hours. We had a blast! Waiting ’til the last minute paid off, in terms of fall color. Had I shot any earlier in the season, I wouldn’t have had those oranges and reds of the fall leaves, and if I’d shot any later, I would have had too much fall foliage. I wanted a touch of fall without being totally overwhelming. I also wanted the same vibe for the shoot: Hallowe’en themed, but without being too cliché or cheesy. So, no pumpkins or plastic spiders on this shoot!”


kel-ward-photography-halloween-wedding-125 kel-ward-photography-halloween-wedding-127 kel-ward-photography-halloween-wedding-131 kel-ward-photography-halloween-wedding-133

And here is how it was done for $50

  • Bride’s gown – vintage Jessica McClintock (purchased second hand)
  • Bride’s suit – Banana Republic
    Bride’s shoes (the one in the suit) – Charles David
  • Both veils are DIY (made by  Kel)
  • Bridesmaids’ dresses – they just wore what they already owned. No notable brands, except for maybe the one that is pleated, which was Ann Taylor Loft
  • Hair and make-up were all DIY
  • Ring casket – DIY (“I bought a little untreated one and painted it myself,” says Kel)
  • Flowers – DIY by Kel.



Are you inspired by this to bring a little All Hallows’ Eve dark magic into your big day? Let me know what you’re planning!


Photography – Kel Ward Photography