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This is how I love the couples and love shoots I feature to look – a couple dressed up to the nines (the more effort you put into the outfits, for me, the better the photos look) and laughing and being goofy together. Crazy in love shining through every image.

Today’s shoot is from Rabbit & Pork Photography (who I love!), and it’s actually also a product photography shoot. Verity explains,

“This was a love shoot I did for Love Sick London: a streetwear clothing brand born out of the love for London, tattoos and skate culture. They wanted to use real couples around London for the launch of some new products.”

Courtney and Bud, who met a year and a half ago at a tattoo convention and have basically been inseparable ever since, shine in these photos. Courtney is a tattoo artist and model, Bud is also a model, and together they rock this brand of clothing completely. And Kings Cross with all its rough diamond charm is the perfect backdrop to it all.


C&B-83 C&B-85 C&B-87



Love Sick London Courtney Lloyd Bud Brennan Williams C&B-206


Photography – Rabbit & Pork Photography
Clothing – Love Sick London
Models – @courtneylloydtattoos and @bud_brennan_williams