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Back when the blog turned one year old, I ran a series of competitions for my readers, one of which was to win your wedding photography with Rob Grimes and Tracey Christina. We had lots of entries from some fab future brides and grooms, and it was so good to see the creativity being planned for all these weddings! The winners were Gemma and James, whose wedding I’ll also be blogging soon, but we thought you also might like to see also their engagement shoot.

What I like about these photos is firstly the love between these two – their expressions, laughter, and the way they interact is pure affection and genuine adoration. You can see they feel safe and loved with each other. And the other more aesthetic appeal for me is the variety of backdrops: the wild and sandy hill dunes, the blustery beach, the trees and forest. Lots of different moods evoked for the viewer, which spotlight and showcase the love of the couple.

How We Met

The details of the first time we met are a bit hazy (!), but from what we can remember we were in Liverpool on a night out for the Royal Jubilee bank holiday weekend. James was friends with one of my friends, who thought we were well suited. She wanted to set us up, but we weren’t expecting to meet the night we met (I would have definitely not had consumed that much Pimm’s that afternoon if I’d known I was going to meet my future husband!) and just bumped into each other! We spent ages talking that night and got on really well. We couldn’t go on a date for around two weeks afterwards, but once we did meet again everything was a bit of whirlwind and things moved quite quickly. We moved in together officially after six months, and we celebrated our three year anniversary this year.

The Proposal

We were in Morocco for my 30th birthday: a trip that had been organised by James. We had a day trip to the Ouzoud waterfalls, which were absolutely stunning! James proposed at the foot of the largest waterfall, which was really romantic, but a complete shock! I think I was speechless for the first time in my life. I had no idea, although looking back James was quite nervous and suspiciously protective over his rucksack, where he had hidden the ring!

Why We Did an Engagement Shoot

After we were lucky enough to win our wedding photography with Rob, we both wanted to meet him before the wedding and thought that an engagement shoot would be the perfect way to get used to being in front of the camera. I say ‘we,’ but James required some slight persuasion to agree to it! We didn’t want to spend our entire wedding day posing for pictures, so it was great to meet with Rob and get used to the camera, plan when we’d be having the pictures taken on the day, and talk him through the wedding. After the shoot, I felt that we were ready for the wedding photographs and could spend more time enjoying the big day!

The Style and Location

We wanted something quite laid-back and relaxed, as well as something that reflected our personalities. James is originally from Formby, and it is such a beautiful place, with the woods and the beach, so we knew it would make a gorgeous, romantic backdrop to the shoot. Plus we had one of our first dates at the beach, so the place has a sentimental value to us both. It was so lovely to meet Rob and tell him all about the wedding, and we couldn’t be any happier with the pictures.


Photography – Rob Grimes Photography