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Title Sussex Winter Wonderland-171 LR

I do love my stylised fashion images, and these are absolute stunners. You can see familiar wedding elements, such as the veil, the feathers that are so popular at the moment for adding a bit of theatre to bouquets, and the frothy white tulle of the skirt, but they’re all dramatised to the max as editorial meets bridal. Usually photographer Erika Szostak’s fashion and wedding photography ( are separate, but in this particular project her two loves came together.

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The Story of the Shoot from Erika Szostak

“What a privilege to shoot this ice queen-themed fashion editorial at Gunhill Studios in Hailsham, the largest and most well-equipped studio I’ve ever had the chance to work in.

“With a ‘more-is-more’ angle to my creative aesthetic in the first place, like any kid in a candy store, I greedily wanted to get my hands on everything. To that end, knowing how much kit I would have to work with on the day, I came prepared to challenge myself to use more involved lighting set-ups than I ever had before. Rupert and Emma, the incredible Gunhill team – who brought in a big octabox specifically per our request – joked (?) that I was the first person they’d had in the studio to use ALL the lights in one shoot. (That was me totally channeling my inner Jill Greenberg…). The end results include some long exposures, mixing gelled strobes and tungsten lights, plus layers of colour and texture added in post-production.

“The bespoke headdress was made especially for the shoot by Astrobohemia. I scouted model Charlotte at a party where where I was the event photographer. The only modelling she’d ever done before was a few small shoots for her sister Cecily, who has a clothing line called The Emperor’s Old Clothes. So the Winter Wonderland shoot was the first big editorial she’d ever done, and she really lived up to the challenge.

“I’m so thankful to everyone on the team for this shoot, with an especially big shout-out to my assistant Matt who was SUCH a star on the day!”

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Production – Sam Harrington-Lowe
Photography – erika szostak
Assistant photography – Matt Ryan
Styling – Lindsay Katherine Hills
Hair – Yo Kruiz | Black Eye Hair
MUA – Charlene Howells
Models – Iona Levy | Charlotte Butler Blondel
Runners – Lili Harrington-Lowe | Sander Mateluwicz
Location – Gunhill Studios
Clothing and accessories – Isaac Raymond Fashion DesignAstrobohemiaJoanne Fleming DesignCherished Vintage BoutiqueCatherine Francis Bridal BoutiqueRavelPressleys JewellersLucia J Elliston


This shoot first appeared on Title Sussex, December 2015/January 2016

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