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London, I miss you. I miss your busy buzz, your crazy ideas of cereal and cat cafés, your spectrum of fashion from couture at the fingertips to preloved to markets and everything in between, and your bands and gigs. Mostly I miss your art. I used to frequent the galleries and gaze at all the wonders both elegantly old and sometimes mystifyingly modern, leaving a richer person and psyched to create something myself. When I saw the photos Natalie J. showed on her Facebook page of Ann Veronica Janssens’s ‘yellowbluepink‘ at the Wellcome Collection in London, I thought yes, this is just exactly the sort of beautiful madness I miss. An art installation of rainbow mists I could never do justice to simply by describing it as an outsider with no experience, so I asked Natalie how she found it…

“Today I visited the yellowbluepink installation with a dear and shining soul of a friend. We queued for more than three hours to enter the rainbow-coloured swirling mist, and the wonder-full experience that awaited us was fully worth it. This immersion of perception and colour is part of a larger exhibition, ‘States of Mind,’ on consciousness that the gallery will hold for most of 2016, and I felt the urge to take my ‘proper’ camera along for the experience. This year I am promising myself to reconnect and take photographs that make my heart sing.”

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“Before we entered, we were giddy and giggling. We could see the pink mist behind frosted glass doors, with people entering one by one. It was finally our turn, and we took our time to breathe in a few deep breaths before stepping forward to submerge ourselves into the rainbow. Inside was bright, colour-changing, disorientating, freeing. And yes, we giggled and danced with our arms outstretched and faces turned up to the stars. My friend Tracy and I stayed close to each other, as to stand by yourself was almost a little overwhelming. There is your own little bubble of vision and clarity, then the rest fades away to colour. We listened to the voices deep in the mist, and watched figures emerge and disappear like ghosts. It felt like a surreal and magical place to be, and I’m thankful I allowed myself the time out to experience the artwork. As always, I took the time to really focus on BEING there, as moments are always lost as soon as they arrive to us, and I think we spent longer than most in there, until it was almost a little too much. Like there was nothing and everything all at once… an expanse and a claustrophobia. We stumbled to find the door and emerged wide-eyed and awed, and took some time to sit and reflect. It was a very intense and heady experience, and we both had headaches afterwards, but it was an experience well worth having!”

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