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Claire Macintyre, in my opinion, creates visions, not just pictures. Full of light, colour, romance and perfect compositions, the photographs she takes are magical. You can see below from the images of real weddings (as well as styled shoots) that you would be spoiled for choice when it came to picking the final selection for the album!

I also very much love Claire’s approach to her work; it’s so unique:

” I am part documentary photographer and half editorial photographer, making me a favourite for couples who want all those precious, real, candid moments captured as well as stunning, Old Hollywood, romantic portraits.”

And this gorgeous mix of styles is super clear in the finished images. Her style is an extension of who she is, and so when you book her, you get that passion shining through your photos. Claire is your gal to capture you looking the million dollars that you are! She sees it, and she knows how to capture it.

Make sure you check out Claire’s brilliant special offer for Way Out Wedding readers towards the end of the post. Major clue – boudoir…

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Vintage Wedding Photography

All About Claire Macintyre Photography

Vintage Wedding Photographer

“I’m a wedding photographer, you can see that I LOVE my job, like, LOVE LOVE my job, but here are some other things you should know about me… If there’s a chance to dance, I will. I am a ginger. I have and wear about twenty pairs of glasses. I like glamour (fake lashes, bold lipstick, the whole nine yards). I’m a hugger. I am completely obsessed with anything vintage, and when I am not taking pictures of amazing people, I can usually be found knee-deep in flea markets and charity shops, hunting for treasure.

“I cannot do anything but be a photographer; it’s like breathing to me. It’s my super power, seeing people’s spirit and capturing it on camera.

“And weddings are my joy, it’s a rollercoaster of emotion to be a wedding ‘tog, and you have to be a little bit nuts do it I think, but I wouldn’t do anything else. Except be Beyoncé. Always be yourself, unless you can be Beyoncé…

“Way Out Wedding is such a great blog; it really reflects the style and personalities of the kind of couples I work with – quirky, authentic, adventurous, and with an eye for beautiful, modern romantic images.”

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What I’m Most Proud of So Far…

“The relationships I build and retain with my clients even after the big day is far, far behind us. I made the decision, a few years ago, to only work with two couples a month, because I invest so much of my love into their weddings that to do any more, I feel, would not allow me to give everything I have to each couple’s wedding. It was a tough financial decision to make, but I am so glad I did. I’m really proud of myself for valuing my relationships with my clients, the service I give them, and the images that I make for them over money.”

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My Tips When Planning Your Wedding

“Oh! I’ve got LOADS of advice! I am also getting married myself in 2017, so believe me I know how completely wonderful, scary, exciting, and stressful it all is!

“My absolute top piece of advice, and I mean the best, is don’t STRESS!! Sure, I know you have this amazing unicorn/Star Wars/blush sequin theme going on that reflects your personalities, and I love seeing them on Way Out Wedding blog, but please remember that this is your wedding! Don’t worry about all the fluff; none of it is as important as marrying your partner or sharing the most wonderful day with those who love you the most. Please take time to enjoy it. Each moment with them is precious. It doesn’t matter if the starters were late being served, or your hair isn’t going right. Seriously.

“So many things I could tell you, as a bride-to-be and as an industry insider. Email me if you want any more advice!”

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A Special Offer for Way Out Wedding readers!!!

“Yes! I have a really gorgeous offer, exclusively for Way Out Wedding brides!

“A free boudoir shoot, worth £750, including professional hair and makeover session, at a boutique hotel in Berkshire! Amazing, right? Just be sure to book my Luxury Fine Art Album service BEFORE May 31st, 2016.”

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Fun Q&A!

The couple that books me is… creative, authentic, fun, quirky, and want beautiful candid images from their day, mixed with stunning cinematic portraits and blogworthy detail shots.

My inspirations come from… The movies and fashion influence me the most. Instagram always inspires me, too! I’m always blown away by the creativity of some of the people I follow.

My heroes are… movie directors like Ang Lee, Ridley Scott and Cameron Crowe. Photographers like Elizabeth Messina, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Howell Conant, and Cecil Beaton. I always go back to these gods of imagery for inspiration.

My theme tune is… Sunday Girl by Blondie.

I set up my business because… I’ve always worked for myself. I can’t imagine not running my own business. I’m a very creative soul and very independent, so having a ‘boss’ fills me with dread!

I shouldn’t have a favourite wedding/shoot/etc., but it’s totally got to be… Tough question, I love them all so much, but last year I got to fulfil a crazy dream of shooting Marilyn Monroe’s wedding at Pinewood Studios. It happened. It was insane!

The next adventure for my business is… Every wedding is a magical new adventure for me; I’m super excited to see how my 2016 couples will blow me away with their love stories.

My websites and social media hangouts are… If you want to find me, first place to always go is Instagram, then Facebook and of course my website. (And more of Claire’s work on Way Out Wedding can be seen here!)


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