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Cat and Mark’s elopement looks like such fun. Just the two of them stealing away to be wed under the sunny skies of Venice at the Palazzo Cavalli, before taking a romantic gondola ride to their first meal as husband and wife. I love it! And the bride’s yellow polka-dot dress and pink shoes combo is summery, cute, and flirty.

The bride says of how they met, “Mark and I share many webs of people and friendships, so we see it as meant to be that we met, and at the time we did. We have a few mutual friends that have intertwined since we were both 18 or so.” Definitely written in the stars!

Mark asked Cat to marry him after dinner during a romantic stroll on a beach whilst on holiday in North Africa, under the brilliant light of the moon. With a ring designed and made especially for this moment seven years after they first met, he presented Cat with an exquisite tear drop emerald, which is the birth stone for the two Taureans, surrounded by a cluster of diamonds.


When I asked the bride if there was a theme or style to their day, she said simply “romance and to be ourselves.”

Cat and Mark married at the Palazzo Cavalli. Cat says, “We wanted to be married legally, and with the choice having been made for Venice, and for just the two of us, we searched for civil wedding venues. Finding the town hall, we just loved it and thought it the perfect place to make our partnership official. The venue is just beautiful and romantic, filled with marble and sunlight, and the room we got married in has a balcony with views of the Rialto Bridge.

“We left the hall by gondola (which was waiting outside with a bottle of Prosecco!), toasting our marriage and taking a tranquil trip of the amazing city by canal to our lunch reception.

“Amber from Angel Lion weddings helped us to select everything, including the venue. We had the most beautiful lunch at the Regina, which overlooks Santa Maria Salute. It was fantastic to have her help arrange everything for us; and the lunch was just perfect to sit and enjoy a wonderful meal celebrating our day.”


The bride wore a yellow with white polka dot dress from Amazon, her favourite pink heels, and a veil headband with her grandmother’s sapphire brooch. She says, “I just wanted to wear yellow, since it is my favourite colour and fitting for such a happy occasion, and polka dots just make me smile. So I was just so happy to find this dress. I will have it as the bridesmaid dresses for our wedding party next year.” Mark wore a navy suit with a yellow and white striped silk tie and pocket tie, again from Amazon.


When I asked about a favourite moment, the bride said, “Hard to choose, but looking into each other’s eyes once the ceremony was closing, knowing that we were now officially married, was incredible. We had made our wish of a joyful, drama free wedding happen. Our fab photographer caught this moment and we have a large canvas of this in our bedroom, which is wonderful to look at every day.”


I wanted to know if they had any advice for those getting married, to which Cat said “For the wedding, be yourself as all that matters is that you become a team, officially, in the eyes of the law. Your statement that you choose to be together. The rest is just cake and décor. For the future, we just seek to appreciate the time that we have with each other.”


Photographer – Wladi Speranzoni

Wedding planner – Angel Lion Weddings & Events

Bride – dress from Amazon (similar one here)

Groom – suit from Amazon

Flowers – Fantin Fiori

Venue – Palazzo Cavalli