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Alternative bridal headwear

Can I introduce you to Madame B’s Boutique? Quirky detail loving brides, you’re going to love these headpieces – they pack the punch of originality and total bespoke design, but also owner and designer Beth is a dab hand at retaining a delicacy and bridal flourish.

You’ll have seen Beth’s wonderful pieces on here before in the Pocahontas and Circus styled shoots, and they’re perfect for alternative brides. My favourites are the black veil with red floral top, the Pocahontas feathers and lace piece, and the red velvet hat from the circus themed shoot. Bold and daring, fun and original. You can’t go wrong.

Everything Beth has in her shop is made by hand, using vintage or recycled materials wherever possible (you can even send her your own fabric!), sourced from antique and vintage markets, or by using her magpie skills on the internet. I also love how she has vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options available, and has her heart firmly in being ethical and sustainable.

And be sure to check out the very special offer exclusively for Way Out Wedding readers at the bottom of the post!

pearl birdcage veil

All About Madame B’s Boutique

madame b profile pic

Hello! My name is Beth (aka Madame B) – milliner, textile designer, vintage-lover and incorrigible magpie. I created Madame B’s Boutique to go against the tide of cheap and nasty mass-produced wedding accessories; to produce high quality pieces that reflect your personality and are kind to the environment. I make everything by hand using vintage or recycled materials whenever possible, which I gather from vintage markets and various sources on the internet. When I do buy new materials, I always try to make sure it’s from small businesses within the UK.

I’ve worked on all kinds of weddings, from a sun-drenched vintage affair in Ibiza to a south London Day of the Dead gothic extravaganza! I love to make pieces that really mean something to the wearer, and can incorporate personal items like brooches, buttons or fabric remnants to make it extra special.

Black veil


I also love to teach – I have run fascinator workshops and demos at various locations in Oxfordshire, and I ran a silk flower-making workshop in April.

I’m a massive fan of vintage style, particularly 1940s-60s, and I’ve been collecting vintage clothing, fabric and haberdashery for over ten years. When I’m not working on exciting things for Madame B’s Boutique, I love rummaging around flea markets, watching old movies, going to heavy metal gigs or singing karaoke (Paradise City is my jam!).

Why I Do What I Do

The three things I really value in my career are freedom, creativity, and sharing things with others. When I’m doing it right, I get to enjoy all three of those things and that makes me very happy! And of course, I love weddings – it’s great to work with people at such an exciting and emotional time in their lives. If I get to play a small part in making that day even better, then that’s a real buzz.

bright wedding

circus wedding theme

brightly coloured wedding circus themed wedding

Like Way Out Wedding and its readers, I like to stray from the path of tradition and look for the colourful, the quirky and the unusual. I like that Erin’s blog shows that your wedding can be whatever you want it to be, and I take the same approach when I’m designing things for customers. It’s all about expressing the personality of the couple in a fun and creative way, rather than trying to fit in with someone else’s idea of what a wedding should be.

It’s hard to choose just one thing that I’m proud of – I’ve worked on some truly amazing weddings (see my Testimonials page for pictures). Someone also recently got in touch to say that she’d had so much fun at my millinery workshop last year that she kept on practising at home and it’s inspired her to start her own business! I’m proud of bringing that spark of creativity and inspiration to the people I work with.

madame b ivory flower headpiece madame b selkie silk garland madame b bohemian bridal crown

Wedding Planning Advice!

Everyone and their mum is probably going to try and give you wedding advice (!), but the most important thing I learned when planning my own wedding is to always have each other’s backs. If a supplier gives you grief, or a well-meaning relative starts kicking off about the guest list, setting aside minor differences and presenting a united front makes it so much easier to deal with. It also sets a very good precedent for the rest of your marriage!

A Discount for Way Out Wedding readers!!

I am pleased to offer Way Out Wedding readers an exclusive 10% off any of my wedding packages until June 30th by quoting ‘WOW2016’ when you contact me.

Red and black wedding fascinator

Fun Q&A!

The couple that orders my product is… looking for something completely different from the traditional wedding market, values sustainability, quality craftsmanship and a friendly, personal service. 

My design inspirations come from… vintage fashion, theatrical costume design, burlesque performers, folklore and fairytales. I keep an eye on contemporary fashion trends too, but I try not to be ruled by them.

My heroes are… Amanda Palmer, Amy Poehler, Elsa Schiaparelli, Nina Simone. Strong creative women who overcome obstacles and work hard to make art on their own terms.

My theme tune is… I listen to all kinds of music, but if I were to pick a song to soundtrack Madame B’s Boutique, it would be Cherry Bomb by the Runaways.

My business name is ‘Madame B’s Boutique’ because… I wanted to evoke images of Paris ateliers, plush velvet and lace, and a hint of burlesque playfulness. Some of my oldest friends call me ‘B’, and ‘Madame B’ became a bit of a glamourous alter-ego! 

I set it up because… when I got married, I was frustrated that everything in the bridal shops looked the same. I wanted to create pieces that were more exciting, more expressive of the wearer’s personality. I’m also very passionate about the environment and promoting sustainable fashion, so that was also a key part of the development process.

madame b Pocahontas shoot - 158 madame b Pocahontas shoot - 160

I shouldn’t have a favourite range or piece, but it’s totally got to be… I do love doing my embellished bowlers and top hats. They’re a bit niche, but they are a lot of fun to make!

The next adventure for my business is… continuing to grow and develop new products with a view to running a pop-up shop and perhaps a more permanent studio/atelier in the future. I’m also working on a few exciting collaborations right now (keep an eye on social media for more news on those!). I also want to find ways to make the business 100% sustainable.

madame b wisteria teardrop fascinator madame b black dahlia fascinator

Madame B’s Boutique can be found on these websites and social media hangouts

Photography Credit

SLR Photography // Vine House Studios (product shots)