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Spring beauty products way out wedding blog review

I know it’s not spring now (but woah is it summer!!!), but this post began a while ago and got neglected oops! I’m leaving the title as it is because the colours and feel of the products are distinctly of that transitional time…

I’ve bought a few bits and bobs recently that I wanted to share with you because they’re all so gorgeous and have really cheered me up! Nothing too dear, just the odd treat here and there. Mostly make-up, but also a floral crown made by Claire Austin (who has rebranded from Rosey Posey Creations, and who you might have seen featured plenty on my blog because I think she makes the prettiest things!).

Monsoon Rose Gold Fragrance

I’m actually going to begin with this one as this was a gift from Monsoon’s PR company for review on the blog. I love perfumes and discovering new ones is always exciting. This one is called Rose Gold and is Monsoon’s first perfume. It was described in the accompanying press release like this:

The fragrance opens with juicy top notes of citrus, rich floral heart notes and decadent woods which combine to create a feminine and sensual scent – creating a beautiful, rich aroma. Sparking notes of lemon combine with a soft fruity accord and hints of fresh mandarin. At its heart, opulent velvety rose combines with heady tuberose, neroli and cyclamen. The fragrance combines rich vanilla, musk and amber notes which give the fragrance a truly unforgettable signature.

When I first applied it, I thought uh-oh this is too floral for me (I go for the darker, heavier perfumes), but then it settled into this sensational powdery, musky finish with a little drama that I find ties all my favourite scents together. I know I sound like a right pretentious so-and-so saying a perfume has drama, but I think some really do – Calvin Klein Obsession, Bvlgari Black, and my beloved JPG Fragile (pleeeease bring it back!!). I would buy this a hundred times over. It’s now in my canon of favourites!

Rosey Posey Creations flower crown way out wedding blog

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume Review

Make-Up Goodies

I haven’t worn much make-up in a good while – no time as a mum! But on a visit to town one day, I thought stuff this I’m going to treat myself. I marched into Lush as I’d heard of some amazing new lip colours and eyeliners on Kingdom of Style and the vibrant pigments caught my sad, pale eye. Sadly, my store didn’t stock those exact shades, but I was taken with ‘Passionate’ for lips – a striking hot pink that skirts between punky and Hubba Bubba bubblegum – as it was just the sort of inappropriate colour I wore every day in my twenties, regardless of event or time.

The eye colour, ‘Focus’, is a shimmery aqua colour, more on the grey side of things than blue. It’s really flattering for my age (38) because it’s not in-your-face and obvious. When I put it on, it rubbed off again and remained on my finger, so I thought it was useless, but then I copped on that patting it on, allowing that layer to set for a few seconds, and then patting on another was the key to building up the pigment. It dries to a gorgeous slatey aqua, and I love it. It also doesn’t budge! Yep, top marks there.

Spring beauty products way out wedding blog

The nail colour by Boots No. 7 is called Sweet Lilac. I grabbed a sample while rushing and sort of aggressively daubed rather than painted my thumb with it, so it was a bit untidy looking (my usual skill with nail polish, then!). But all day I kept looking at my thumb because it looked fab – the finish is like shiny, shiny plastic, so just kitsch enough. I bought an actual bottle as soon as I could!!

They were all bought without a specific look in mind, but they actually all go together really well. I feel floral when I wear them! Very feelgood shades.

Rosey Posey Flower Crown by Claire Austin

Rosey Posey Creations flower crown way out wedding blog 2

Ohhh, this crown is so sweet! It’s the wee bird that makes it for me – like a nod to Marie Antoinette or something. It’s super comfortable to wear, and as soon as my hair has been backcombed and tousled enough to do it justice, I will model this beaut!! Ha ha that reminds me of something a pre-schooler said to me last week: “You have lovely hair – I mean it isn’t long or anything, but it is big.” Thanks! I think…

Happy weekend, lovers xx