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When you hear that a wedding’s theme was ‘angels,’ your heart skips a beat. What a beautiful thing to have at the heart of your day – I’ve not seen that one yet, and I have to say I love it. Serenity, love, protection… Yep, angels as a motif is wonderful.

And I absolutely love the bride’s whole look – from that dress with the open back, lacy as anything, to her blue hair and cerise lips. Looooove it!! Lucy, you are a babe.

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Our theme was angels – our table names were the nine choirs of angels, we gave the ladies little cherub ornaments for favours, and the men got whiskey (a.k.a. the angels’ share). Angels are important to us and the family and we really wanted to incorporate this in our day.

The excitement of planning was just thrilling; putting all of our own little touches into things and seeing it all come together was just amazing!

The ceremony took part in Lucy’s home chapel, St John the Baptist RC Church, Fauldhouse (a little mining village that she and her family grew up in).

Lucy’s mum and dad were married in the same chapel, and it was where she had been baptized, confirmed, etc. With Lucy being Catholic, it was really important for us both to be married in the chapel. Lucy’s priest who is no longer with that parish actually came back to do the ceremony, so it was really personal, emotional and so special!

The reception was in the stunning Mansfield Traquair. Phoebe Anne Traquair murals are inside covered in, you guessed it, angels! So, it was perfect for us.

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Lucy and Dougie did as much DIY as they could.

All our invitations and save the dates were handmade. We bottled and made up the whiskey ourselves; name tags and place tags were done by us. Our wondrous florists did our table plan (angel wings) and our table name signs (upright angels all in gold). I also had little tissue packs made up for the ladies in the family with their names plus the date of the wedding and little pearls.


The tradition of something old, something new, etc. was given an update!!

Got to mention Lucy’s ‘something blue’ hair, too! She always has coloured hair; she had gone blonde for a few months before the wedding, but it just didn’t feel right – it had to be blue and it was awesome!

All our ideas were our own and were because they meant something to us. Our wedding rings were Lucy’s Auntie Tessa’s wedding ring and Dougie’s grandmother’s wedding ring melted down together to make ours to symbol both our families coming together. Again, our own idea because it meant the world to us, but it’s already been copied just because we did it haha!

Favourite moment of wedding day? Do we have to pick just one?! The whole day was perfect and just was the day of our dreams and everything we had hoped! But if we had to choose!!… Lucy – “Walking down the aisle with my lovely dad was such a surreal moment, complete happiness, and it was so amazing to look up and just see Dougie (a little emotional, although he won’t admit it now haha) and know that I was marrying my soul mate. It just took away all the nerves and I felt a surge of happiness!”


Dougie – “Seeing Lucy walk down the aisle was really incredible. I did feel a little emotional, but so, so happy– she took my breath away!”

We walked down the aisle to I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. We love Mumford and have gone to see them lots and it just seemed perfect. We had a string quartet just play the music, no singing, so it was really beautiful. Our first dance was to Be My Baby by The Ronettes, purely because the lyrics fit our story to a tee, and we didn’t want too slow a song, so this was perfect! And dancing with my very own Patrick Swayze – not bad!

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Our ultimate advice brides and grooms-to-be would be to please yourselves and yourselves only!! It’s your wedding, and decisions you make will undoubtedly annoy some other people and they may not agree, but don’t let it ruin your planning or your fun or most importantly your day! Any disagreements will blow over, so make your day YOUR day and do it for YOU. We did, and it was the most perfect day, and all our guests had an amazing time! As for married life? Be best friends – so far so good!

Is there anything you guys would change about the day?

Honestly, not a single, single thing!

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Photography – Amy B Photography

Ceremony venue – St John the Baptist RC Church, Fauldhouse

Reception venue – Mansfield Traquair

Bride – Lusan Mandongus

Groom – Family kilt

Groomsmen – Family kilts

Bridesmaids – & other stories

Flower girls – Monsoon