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I am genuinely fascinated by trash the dress shoots!! I featured a post a while back about them where I came down more on the side of ‘bless the dress‘, saying that I couldn’t personally ever do brutal things to a wedding dress!! I still don’t think I could cut my own up – *palpitations* – but I do love to see how much smiling there is in these photos from the sisters as they totally annihilate the dress: it must have been such a freeing and anarchic act!!


What made you do a trash the dress over a bless the dress?

Our wedding was a big party, therefore my wedding dress had to suffer anyway. Moreover, with these wonderful pictures of the trash the dress shoot, I have an everlasting memory of the wedding dress, and for me this is nicer than to stow away the dress for the next 50 years in a bag in the cellar. I firmly believe that our marriage will last for ever, and I never plan on wearing a wedding dress again, so I do not need it any more!

Another reason I wanted to do this was to organise a special day for my sisters, who are my best friends, and who were the most important supporters at the whole wedding. This was my way to say thank you!

WildConnections_TrashTheDress_13 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_14 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_16 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_19 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_20

What will you do with your dress now?

There wasn’t much left of the wedding dress after the shoot, and what was left was filthy and wet. It sounds unromantic and hard, but the dress landed in a bin bag after the action was over. We really trashed it!

Would you recommend a trash the dress shoot?

Definitely, yes! Many weddings are so perfectly styled and very often there is no time for spontaneity, so why not get a little bit crazy after the wedding? I would repeat it any time because it was a unique, unforgettable experience and a unique memory.

WildConnections_TrashTheDress_21 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_22 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_25 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_28 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_29 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_31

The Story of the Shoot from Cat at Wild Connections Photography

Rosina had emailed me with the whole plan. She had told her sisters Anna and Theresa to get dressed up for a girly afternoon followed by drinks and dinner. She had told them she wanted to treat them as a thank you for all of their support during the wedding planning and on the wedding day itself.

Since I am often in the area, I would ‘just happen’ to call around with wedding album samples at the very same time that they were getting ready to go on their girly afternoon. Of course since I was there, she invited me to go along too. I acted surprised at her offer, and of course accepted.

We all jumped in the car and drove to a secret location known only to Rosina, taking a few hilarious wrong turns along the way to throw everyone off the scent.

Once we arrived at the location, we bundled out of the car. Rosina carried a large box, which she convinced her sisters was a picnic. We walked down to the river bank and Rosina blindfolded Anna and Theresa. She then handed them a gift box each, and while they were still blindfolded, changed into her wedding dress. As their mum helped them take off their blindfolds, Rosina appeared in her wedding dress and Anna and Theresa opened their boxes, which contained pink flip flops and wellies, a pair of scissors, holi powder, and a sign saying ‘trash the dress’. Anna and Theresa were shocked at Rosina’s plan, but after a glass or two of prosecco, the holi paint started flying.

When they were done with the colours, the girls started ripping and cutting the dress into small pieces, and finished by running into the freezing cold mountain river.

WildConnections_TrashTheDress_36 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_37 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_46 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_50 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_53 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_54 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_57 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_61 WildConnections_TrashTheDress_67


Photography – Wild Connections Photography

Hair – Intercoiffure Pfister

Dress: Le Papillon by Modeca