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We were so incredibly lucky to have Emma-Jane Lewis shoot The Other Space styled shoot. Her editorial work is arresting, and it charged our bridal shoot with the energy I wanted for it.

I spied this shoot on Emma’s website – a personal project, she said – and fell in love with it. The cool tones, and the haunting subject matter, not to mention the avant garde mise en scène (that floating stool – how was that done?!), all just make my heart beat a little faster.

Couldn’t you just see this as a beautiful wedding outfit? Especially the crown. If there was ever a day you needed to just throw on a crown, it’s your wedding day…


Emma told me of the shoot that,

It’s ‘Lady of the Lake’ inspired. She looks as though she has that regal elegance, but she is troubled – the calmness of the lake representing the stillness of her exterior, but hiding a darker underside. Some of her facial expressions give this away, and you can see she is wishing to throw away her crown…”

DSC_6809 DSC_6811


Photography – Emma-Jane Photography (and also for Emma’s editorial work, see here)

Styling, location and props – Rosie Hardy

Model – Frankie Falkow