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Earhart Dress 3

It was my good friend and photographer, and Way Out Wedding favourite, Paola de Paola, who put me on to Otaduy about a year ago now, and I’ve loved watching the label produce some of the edgiest bridal out there. It just gets stronger and stronger as a brand, and if you’re the type who wants to look more like a rock star than a traditional  bride, you’ll want to put Otaduy firmly on your radar…


Coppola Dress 3 Coppola Dress 2 Coppola Dress 1 Coppola Dress 4

Rosalind (shown with Lisa skirt and Edith top)

Rosalind Jacket - Lisa Skirt Edith Top - Rosalind Jacket 1 Edith Top - Rosalind Jacket 2


Earhart Dress 1 Earhart Dress 2 Earhart Dress 4


Curie Dress - brigitte Base Dress 3 Curie Dress - Brigitte Base Dress 2 Curie Dress - brigitte Base Dress 4 Curie Dress - Brigitte Base Dress 1


Tavi Top 2

Roosevelt Top (With Joplin Pants)

Roosevelt Top - Joplin Pants 1 Roosevelt Top - Joplin Pants 2 Roosevelt Top - Joplin Pants 3 Roosevelt Top - Joplin Pants 4 Roosevelt Top - Joplin Pants 5

Roosevelt Top

Roosevelt Top - Joplin Pants 6


Parks Dress 1 Parks Dress 4

Parks Dress 3

Frida Top and Kahlo Skirt

Frida Top - Kahlo Skirt 3 Frida Top - Kahlo Skirt 4 Frida Top - Kahlo Skirt 2 Frida Top - Kahlo Skirt 1

Virginia Top (underneath), Florence Top, Woolf Skirt

Virginia Base Top - Florence Top Virginia Base Top - Florence Top - Wolf Skirt 2 Virginia Base Top - Florence Top - Wolf Skirt 3 Virginia Base Top - Florence Top - Wolf Skirt 1

The Story Behind the Designs

Glitter and mirror balls, the glamour of the endless parties of Studio 54 and New York in the seventies, David Bowie and Bianca Jagger riding onto the dance floor on horseback… Glamour and disco are two of the main sources of inspiration for the new Otaduy collection, ‘I Do’. The other is a series of women from different eras who we admire for their strength and creativity, ranging from Lena Dunham to Charlotte Brontë, including figures like Miranda July, Tamara de Lempicka and Frida Kahlo.

Strength and style, glamour and personality, the dresses in the new collection radiate femininity and elegance with a rebellious, iconoclastic touch straight out of the 1970s. A collection that, as has become standard for Otaduy, is marked by its eclectic character and fabric with loads of personality from places all over the world. These include a very special dress designed by Carolina O., with embossed flowers and embroidered leaves on the tulle, all in tones of pastel green and pink. This year’s designs have a notably seventies feel, with dresses featuring bat sleeves, and guipures reminiscent of the most glamorous parties in NYC during that era. Plus, two-piece dresses once again figure prominently in the collection, from silk gauze skirts with more than ten metres of fabric for fabulous drape to new tulle skirts. Among the most charismatic pieces is the Rosalind jacket, which reflects the leitmotif of the new collection in its embroidered “I Do” and fringe on the sleeves.

For this collection’s lookbook, we chose the perfect setting for a very special photo session: Barcelona Concert Hall, La Paloma. Closed to the public for seven years now, we were lucky enough to be able to use this legendary hall, which brings back so many great memories for all of us, for a super glam-rock shoot that is perfectly in tune with the designs.

A collection we’re happy to finally be able to present, made up of dresses that each have their own special magic and so have been named after the magical women who inspire us.

Our wedding dresses are handmade in our atelier in Barcelona. Each one entails an extensive ritual: drawing, making the pattern, sizing, cutting the fabric, sewing each piece, going through quality checks… a thorough process that ends when the bride, satisfied, gets her dress. A piece made by women for women, with expert hands, a lot of love, and close attention to every single detail. The result is a unique, irreplaceable piece.

A Bit About Otaduy

Otaduy is a new concept of bridal firm that is inspired by music, cinema and art, and especially designed for brides with personality, who really want to be themselves on their wedding day.

For Otaduy, each collection is unique with its own heart and soul, its own body. In designing them, Carolina Otaduy takes inspiration from different moments, experiences and even feelings. But always staying true to the character of the brand and its particular sources of inspiration, which can be as simple as drinking coffee from a glass mug, putting on red lipstick to go to the cinema, or listening to music while riding a bike on a pleasant spring evening. A brand that is always changing but always true to itself.


Photography – Días de Vino y Rosas
Stylist – Sylvia Bonet, Conseillère de Mode
Hair and make-up – Sergio Esche
Video – Itziar Orbegozo
Models – Laura Tolleson & Sofia Farré