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Kate Miles, the designer of this gorgeous dress, is just 16 years of age, and I think she is definitely one to watch!! Kate began making at only eight years of age, and by twelve had sold her first wedding dress. Just wow!! Describing her work, she says,

“Colour and texture has always been its own language in my mind. Drape and movement speak to me; the dress just takes shape. Ideas lie in everything from a brick wall to a flower in my garden. Sometimes I will sketch it out, but usually I just pick up my scissors and go for it. My designs are always a juxtaposition of vintage with a modern edge. I love taking delicate fabrics and laces from old garments and pairing them with newer and bolder aspects to create something timeless, but exciting.”

This is a little shoot by Kel Ward to showcase one of Kate’s dresses, and the styling is perfection. I particularly love the model’s specs. Some brides feel under pressure, ridiculous societal pressure, to remove their glasses for the wedding, but here’s why you should rock them no matter what day it is!!





The Story of the Shoot by Kel Ward

I am in love with this dress, by Kate’s Couture. In. Love. It’s whimsical. It’s non-traditional. It has freaking feathers on it. Feathers, people!  The gown itself is white, but Kate put an orange coloured crinoline underneath and voila, it’s now a peach coloured dress that looks to me like an upside down teacup! The beauty of this gown is its versatility. You can wear it without a crinoline underneath, for a more natural fall, or you can put something colourful underneath, as shown here. It can be dressed up or dressed down. It can be a wedding gown, a prom dress, or just something pretty to wear to a summer party. The hair piece shown here is also the handiwork of Kate’s Couture and can be accompanied by a veil or worn alone, as seen here.

Megan was the perfect model for this dress. We chose her for her expressive eyes, adorable glasses, piercings, and beautiful tattoos. Can we also talk about her skin? It’s basically satin. Seriously, I wanted to touch her face because it’s so freaking soft! If I remember correctly, all she had on was some mascara and a little bit of eyeliner. Seriously.


We did this editorial at Kate’s home and studio in Scio, Oregon. Kate and I both knew this shoot needed to be done with film. The colours of the Fuji were just too perfect for this soft palette, and the grain from the Ilford added the touch of vintage we were looking for.


Photography – Kel Ward Photography

Dress – Kate’s Couture

Bouquet – Amanda Dant of Morning Glories Floral