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Some styled shoots just knock you off your feet. This is one of them. The images look like watercolour paintings in places!

Photographer David told me,

“Our team drove four hours through snowstorms and hiked the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, Canada, at 10,000ft with flowers and a wedding gown, in the middle of nowhere. I put my whole heart into this and I hope it shows.”

It absolutely shows. If you were ever wondering about a winter wedding, I think these are the pictures to make your decision!






athabasca-1 athabasca-3 athabasca-6 athabasca-9 athabasca-19 athabasca-29 athabasca-30 athabasca-37

athabasca-54 athabasca-56 athabasca-59 athabasca-69 athabasca-75

The Story of the Shoot by David Heidrich

This shoot was mostly inspired by our long, bitterly cold, northern winters. I love the contrast between massive ice structures and delicate flowers, turquoise glacial ice and red hair, frigid winds and intimate calm. I have seen very few visually inspiring winter weddings over the years and think that more couples should embrace the unique beauty and distinct feel that these winter months have to offer.

In this shoot, I am absolutely in love with the intensity of the surrounding mountain range and the ever-changing glacial ice. It’s such a beautiful picture of contrasts, of give and take, of tenderness and power, cold and warm, sun and shadow, wind and calm. Just like love and marriage is a constant and ever-changing, but incredibly beautiful give and take.


Photography – Heidrich Photography

HMUA – Simply Me

Dress – Anais Anette

Rings – Andronyk Jewellery

Necklace – Salt Water Tea

Flowers – Rebecca Dawn