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I’ve featured the gorgeous lingerie by Lovedeluxe on the blog before, and here it is again today with some utterly showstopping flowers from Briar Rose Design in an unusual but brilliant shoot, which was inspired by a documentary about the closing down of a beloved swimming baths in Glasgow. I love how inspiration can come from literally anywhere, and I particularly love the depth of this one.



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The Story of the Shoot by Melanie from Briar Rose Designs

Earlier this year, I organised a styled shoot in Glasgow’s iconic Govanhill Baths. I’d been looking for a location to do a shoot in for a while and wanted to shoot flowers in an unusual context, so the idea grew from that. I was inspired after watching a Vimeo documentary (United We Will Swim…Again) about the occupation of the baths, in which there were some kids holding a banner saying ‘let democracy bloom’.

Govan is one of the most diverse communities in Glasgow, and the Govanhill Baths was a key service where people from all different backgrounds mixed. As well as the pools, there was a steamie and also slipper baths, which were crucial services to the local community who often lived in housing that didn’t have these amenities.

It’s been 15 years since the baths were closed, and there was a huge outcry when the council tried to shut them. There was an occupation for several weeks and after the supporters were forcibly evicted, the building was left to ruin. Now the Govanhill Baths Community Trust has been formed, and some initial funding has been granted by the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore it to its former glory.

The way the community mobilised around the baths and the things the building came to represent really inspired me, so having done a site visit with photographer extraordinaire Chantal from The Gibsons, I knew it would be a really special project. Many of the original features of the baths are still present and although some areas are pretty run down, and we had to dodge a few dead pigeons, you can really imagine what the baths would have been like in their heyday.

With this being the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016, and the annual Doors Open Day Festival about to start, it seems like re-imagining and resuscitating modern ruins is in the popular consciousness, with projects like St Peter’s Seminary/Hinterland taking place earlier in the year.

For the shoot, I wanted to go for a 1920s/’30s faded Gatsby glamour look, and the brilliant Natasha from Lovedeluxe Lingerie provided some great pieces for our model, Maddy, to wear. Cat Robertson did a great job on make-up, managing to match the lip colour to the flowers in my bouquet perfectly! And Laura Slaven represented Anne Marie McElroy creating a great ’20s style wave in Maddy’s hair.

For the flowers, I wanted to create something that seemed full of the rich opulence of the 1920s Gatsby era but gone a bit wild and to seed (like the baths themselves), so I included rich jewel tones and even an airplant as a focal element to the bouquet.

Other pieces included an installation in one of the overflow areas of the pool, a flapper headband, which would make a great substitute for a flower crown, and a statement necklace of succulents and celosia. The pièce de résistance, however, was a swim cap created entirely from fresh flowers like artificial ones popular in the ’20s and ’30s.


Images – The Gibsons

Flowers and creative direction – Briar Rose Design

MUA – Cat Robertson MUA

Hair – Laura Slaven for Anne Marie McElroy

Wardrobe – Lovedeluxe Lingerie

Venue: Govanhill Baths