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This stunning bridal collection from Jane Bowler Studios is one of the most exciting things to appear on my wedding radar. The avant garde designs and materials are just incredible and so utterly up my street I could pop.

I love how the strict edges and stillness of the geometric plastic shapes sit beside the softness and fluidity of Heather Orr’s macrame and of AM Faulkener’s veils (embellished by Jane as a collaboration). It’s an arresting relationship of opposing qualities. Very clever, modern bridal; filled with connotations of strong and armoured and also soft and romantic.

The future is here and it’s going to blow your mind.



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About Jane Bowler Studios and The Collection

“Dedicated to craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, Jane Bowler Bridal aims to provide innovative luxury garments and accessories for the contemporary bridal party.

“This debut collection offers a range of reversible garments (in hand printed and hand cut plastics), which will transform the bride from day to night whilst also encouraging her to wear the item again after the big day is over. Custom-made contemporary accessories are also handcrafted to complement any colour scheme.”

I asked Jane, what inspires your designs?

“We start each collection by experimenting with shape, surface, colour and material combinations. These small scale experiments soon grow into larger textiles, which naturally evolve into garments and accessories. The process and materials inspire every collection. I also work very closely with our head of knitwear Heather Orr – the soft knotted surfaces and fringing complement the plastics, beautifully.”

The pieces are not just for the wedding day, are they?

“Our first wedding outfit design was worn by me! I wanted something bespoke, something that reflected me, but also something I could wear again after the big day was over. The reversible element meant that I could instantly transform from gold to black without needing to buy a new outfit for the evening. I can wear the pieces again and again as separates or as a full look (for the right event of course). Our Jane Bowler accessories and headwear can add the finishing touch to any bridal outfit, and then they can be worn for future events and festivals! I got to wear my full wedding outfit at Wilderness Festival this summer!”

Describe the bride who would wear this collection? 

“The Bowler bride is an individual who wants to get her money’s worth out of her wedding dress and accessories! Why wear it once if you can wear it forever?”

Could not agree more!!


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Photography | Sofi Adams

Styling + Art Direction | Twinks Burnett

Hair | Ruth Liley

Make-up | Heather Lines

Model | Johanna @ Nevs Models

Assistants | Sophie Wallace and Bex

Bridal Consultant | Mr and Mrs Unique

Bouquets | Early Hours

Macrame | Heather Orr

Veils | A.M Faulkner

Underwear | By Jody Shafton