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Christmas really is coming – I saw the lights up and down Oxford Street and Regent Street the other night, and I felt that first buzz of excitement for the season! I’m going to start my shopping this weekend, and I cannot wait!!

For this post, I’ve partnered with Etsy to bring you a pretty specific gift list – everything here is for the Stranger Things fans in your life (which is everybody, right?!). The links are all affiliate links, which means that if you buy something then I get a small commission.

All the pictures are clickable to take you straight to the goodies!

Stranger Pins, Badges and Patches

  1. I am Barb pin badge from fairycakes
  2. I Believe enamel pin from Sweet and Lovely
  3. Barb patch from Tostes
  4. The kids from Stranger Things Patch from Estelle Morris Shop
  5. Hawkins Monster Hunting Club patch from fairycakes
  6. The Upside Down large cloth patch from Woe & Shucks
  7. Lucas Stranger Things patch from Girl on Tour
  8. Friends don’t like enamel pin badge from Punky Pins

Stranger Artwork

  1. Eleven our friend and she’s crazy mini artwork
  2. She’s our friend and she’s crazy – Stranger Things print from Waters Illustrations
  3. Mirkwood Stranger Things poster from Law and Moore
  4. Stranger Things Christmas lights artwork from Archive Film Posters
  5. Eleven vector artwork from Michael Jeanrenaud
  6. Eleven artwork poster from Perdashka
  7. Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons book screen print from stacyswirl

Stranger Cards, Giftwrap and Decorations

  1. Stranger Things Christmas wrapping paper from Big Yellow Dog Designs
  2. Stranger Things birthday card from The Found
  3. Stranger Things Christmas card from happyrose
  4. Christmas wishes from the Upside Down card from Just Geek Things
  5. You’re a strange thing and that’s why I love you greeting card from Majikatz
  6. ReJoyce and be merry Christmas card from Sweet Geek
  7. Upside Down wall banner from Paper Street Dolls

Stranger Gifts and Stocking Fillers

  1. BARB4EVR decal from Decaliber
  2. Barb sticker pack from Losers Ink
  3. Hello I’m a Barb sticker from Positively Peculiar
  4. Eleven phone case from Hell Good Cases
  5. Eleven mug from The Foxy Hipster
  6. Will Byers figurine (would be a cool cake topper!!) from Love Does Designs
  7. Stranger Things colouring book from Estelle Morris Shop
  8. Stranger Things inspired tea infuser from Gift Rocket
  9. Stranger Things logo laptop decal from RBGOODSCO
  10. Eleven badass mug from Ex Girlfriends Cards
  11. Upside Down acrylic necklace from Down the Rabbit Hole
  12. We are all Barb tote bag from Strangeways Studio
  13. Mouth breather phone case from Dockotta
  14. Be like Barb mug from Ex Girlfriends Cards
  15. Hawkins Power and Light travel mug from Pressiexpress
  16. Christmas lights mug from Power Rocket Shirt Co.
  17. What about Barb? scatter cushions from PopPastiche
  18. Eleven laptop decal from Shaileyann
  19. Stranger Things photobooth props digital download printables from Instant Adventure

Stranger Clothing – including awesome Christmas jumpers!

  1. Should I stay or should Eggo? jumper from Tees and Tank You (TATY)
  2. Merry Christmas ya filthy mouth breather jumper from Create More Sleep Less
  3. Hello Barb/Adele parody t-shirt from The Guns of Brixton 1979
  4. Will is that you? jumper from Tees and Tank You (TATY)
  5. Friends don’t lie kids’ jumper from TATY Kids
  6. Barb tattoo t-shirt from Parlor Tattoo Prints
  7. Barb 1980s style t-shirt from Image of God
  8. Hand customised decoupaged shoes by From the Spectrum UK
  9. The Nancy to my Barb T Shirt Set by Conspiracy Tees


I’ve put loads more on this list here, so go and treat yourself to some awesome Stranger Things stuff!!

And once you’ve had your fill of that, check this colourful gift list called Mix & Mix – it’s full of gorgeous bits and bobs from mermaid necklaces to geometric jewellery to ’80s style graphic shoes. Just my sort of thing!