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Couple shoots are such a great way to capture, professionally, beautiful images of you both that you’ll be able to look back on with pride for ever. I know there’s a place for snapshots and selfies – they’re really special in their own right – but a professional photographer is able to bring so much in terms of technical expertise and getting the best out of you both.

I love this one from Sheryl of Oobaloos Photography, where the couple even ended up posing for shots in the river!

Sheryl says, “I held a competition on my Facebook page for three lucky couples to win a Sunset Couples Shoot, with me with all of the images. I was overwhelmed by the response, and I had three ways to win: the most votes, a random pick, and photographer’s choice. I met Shelley and Pete here at a wedding last year, and I loved their style and their attitude. I picked them as the ‘photographer’s choice’ winners as they fit in exactly with me, my style, and my slightly kooky ways!”

You can see more of Sheryl’s gorgeous work on Way Out Wedding here.




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