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Vanessa and Dimitri were married in September 2015 at Cantine Pitars with an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding – the Tim Burton version!

To organise this, they approached Silvia, wedding planner at Chapeau Venti, who worked wonders with their 12,000 Euro budget.


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The Story of the Wedding by Silvia

“Together, we began to elaborate a very big project full of of decorations that reminded us of the dark and magical underworld.

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“The best part of the planning was, for sure, the research in antique markets and Granma’s attic of old and used cups and teapots. With them, we could create ten different centrepieces for the tables: castles of cards coming out of the hat, old pieces of lamps used to serve treats, rabbit ears coming out from a burrow, a lot of keys, and bottles with weird content.

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“The bride and groom choose the venue because it reminded them of an old style castle (its name is also ‘Wine Castle’), and the big garden in front of the vineyard would be the perfect place for a game of croquet with the Queen of Hearts and her playing cards!

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“The best moment of the day was the cutting of the wedding cake: I had set up three tables of different sizes, dressed with lace tablecloths, which was just like the Mad Hatter’s table.

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“All the guests were crazy for the game of croquet with the flamingoes in the garden! And they also loved the corner with the sofa where they could smoke the hookah, which reminded them of The Caterpillar!

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“Vanessa and Dmitri wanted to impress their guests, welcoming them to a magical, weird world. Their advice to all couples is ‘have fun and be happy during your wedding day and so will your guests!”

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Wedding planner, stylist, stationery | Chapeau

Photographer | Juan Carlos Marzi Photography

Bride | Tailor made dress by bride’s family friend

Groom | Vittorio Veneto at Le Favole Uomo

Venue | Pitars Winery

Catering | Ristorante Castelletto

First dance | Alice by Avril Lavigne