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I caught some of the shots from the Miss Bush Bridal 2017 lookbook on Instagram, and was immediately hooked. Sometimes dresses are shot in a studio and so the lookbook just looks a bit static and lifeless; endless images that all end up looking the same and you can’t tell one from another.

Not so with this shoot…

These gowns are brought to life and given a context, in fact a back story, based on what actual visitors to The Chapel (where Miss Bush Bridal lives) have said, and the thoughts and inspirations these things sparked in M.D. Emma’s imagination.

And I love the ethos of the company – that it’s not just about one person, but more that it’s a team of creatives who’ve broken through the ‘professional distance’ boundary into a blurred swirl of friends and collaborators, of family and colleagues, and that this has meant the creativity has blended and risen to a different level. There’s an intimacy to these images that you only get when a team does this. And it’ll make you connect with the beautiful dresses so much more…


The Story of the Shoot by Miss Bush MD, Emma Meek

The overarching thought and inspiration was the phrase I hear over and over from visitors about The Chapel:

“I want to live here…”

which always reminds me of the Holly Golightly quote about Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A place of luxury and calm, somewhere the ‘mean reds’ can’t get you.

So we styled it as a sumptuous B&B, complete with a gorgeous boudoir on our mezzanine level.

BUSHLB2017-19 BUSHLB2017-6 BUSHLB2017-15 BUSHLB2017-16

Filled with iconic design classics, a mix of mid-century modern and contemporary furniture, cheese-plants and a record player providing us with a brilliant soundtrack, The Chapel had a very chic retro ’70s feel, which set the tone for the day and fit so well with the looks we created for the model.

Gayle from Bloomingayles provided us with stunning botanical installations, including a tropical leafy arch for the chapel entrance, and a luscious living wall for the mezzanine balcony to provide privacy for our ‘bedroom.’


BUSHLB2017-36 BUSHLB2017-38 BUSHLB2017-41 BUSHLB2017-43 BUSHLB2017-45

I have struggled to write meaningfully about this shoot… In many ways, it captured everything that is amazing about The Chapel and Miss Bush. I gathered together my favourite creative team, stole furniture from friends’ houses, planned maniacally, over-thought ‘the concept’ and the spirit of the day extended into a long night.


BUSHLB2017-91 BUSHLB2017-85 BUSHLB2017-93

Unless you’re a fastidious overlord, the results are always different than you imagine: the model different from her portfolio; dresses get stuck at Stansted; and what starts as a meticulously planned timetable, ends in creative anarchy and cocktails.


BUSHLB2017-56 BUSHLB2017-53

Miss Bush is more than an interiors concept with some good dresses. It is more than a blog with attitude. It is not all about me. It’s about the team and that team is all of us. It is a collaborative spirit, the refusal to create another bleached out pastel version of bridal. It is stalwarts, cohorts and partners in design.

It is a host of fine souls, good sorts, crazy-diamond geezers and sheezers willing to make groundbreaking ideas come to life.

BUSHLB2017-59 BUSHLB2017-84 BUSHLB2017-77

To this end, I have tried to blur the distinctions between our clients, our team and creative partners. We all belong; we’re all cats with names.

To do what we do we, what I do at Miss Bush, to make the experience ‘real’ and meaningful, you have to live it. I want to work with people I love, dress women I admire and respect, and bring my liberal principles into all projects.

BUSHLB2017-71 BUSHLB2017-101 BUSHLB2017-103 BUSHLB2017-105 BUSHLB2017-107


Dresses | Miss Bush (featuring Jesus Peiro, Suzanne Neville, Yolan CrisSassi HolfordSottero & Midgley)

Photographers | Nick Tucker Photography; Joanna Brown

MUA | Carolanne Armstrong

Hair stylist | Dennis Macco at Macco Hair

Flowers | Bloomingayles

Jewellery | Rock & Raw