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I’ve had Hermione de Paula on my heart-eyes radar for ages, and thought it was about time I showed you in full just what I love about her modern designs.

I adore the playful details such as the wedding day date embroidered right there into the design, as above, and the confident sexiness of that thigh-high split (below) dealing an unexpected sucker-punch just when you thought it was a reasonably conservative dress.

On her website, it sums up her ethos better than I can:

“Working more as an artist than a typical fashion designer, Hermione celebrates the flora and fauna of the landscape around us: secret messages combine with flowers in disguise and paradisiacal prints for you to find.”

And Harpers Bazaar US said,

“Her flair for ‘Romantic Surrealism’ results in designs that surprise upon closer inspection.”

Now if that doesn’t leave you aching to see more, I don’t know what to do with you.

HDEP_Kristin Vicari 8

HDEP_Kristin Vicari 6

HDP_brides_22 HDP_brides_25

And can we just stop and appreciate the lingerie and veils, too?

HDP_brides_33 HDP_brides_31 HDP_brides_30 HDP_brides_13

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