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As we know, and lament, the wedding industry still predominantly leaves behind people of colour and focuses mainly on white-skinned brides and grooms. It is a complete puzzle to me as to why. Like, honestly WTF?!

Luckily, we have awesome challengers in the form of Nova Reid of Nu Bride and Joyce Connor, a leading make-up artist, who are absolutely not taking this sitting down. Frustrated with a shortfall of make-up artists confident with darker skin tones even within the industry, they’ve devised a masterclass filled to the brim with expertise, amazing tips and training, ready to share with industry colleagues.

Here’s Nova with how it came about!

“Can you recommend a make up artist that can work with black and Asian skin tones?”

At first I thought this was a bit of a contrived question to ask.

After all, one would assume that all professional make-up artists have the skillset and also the toolkit to work with an array of skin tones, wouldn’t you think?  I did, and learned very quickly that this was not the case.

As an editor, I’m approached by industry, brides, and indeed grooms, to recommend make-up artists who can work with black, Asian and darker skin tones, on a regular basis. Readers often come to me, either after having had a bad experience, or feeling concerned because they find it exceptionally difficult to find inclusive wedding make-up artists online and at wedding shows. Others have had make-up trials and ended up looking embalmed. They frequently discover make-up artists who, for whatever reason, do not have experience or evidence that they can work with different skin tones, because a diverse body of work is not being demonstrated in their portfolio.



So what is this problem?

What is causing this barrier to an industry that should be bursting with inclusive make-up artists who are confident with application on the palest porcelain to the deepest ebony?

Does the responsibility lie with make-up schools failing to offer training on a variety of skin tones? Or does it lie with make-up artists themselves, unaware of products and tools to better their skillset and cater to a wider market?

Perhaps it’s a combination of both, so award-winning make-up artist Joyce Connor and I decided to create something to bridge the gap for make-up artists who want to be much more inclusive: the masterclass ‘master the art of make-up for black and darker skin tones’. Find out below how to attend!



Join Nova Reid of Nu Bride and multi-award-winning make-up and skincare expert Joyce Connor for a one day masterclass in the heart of Marylebone on 16th August 2017.

Priced at £195, this interactive masterclass will include a live demonstration, application and understanding the differences with melanin, hands-on experience with models, product recommendations for your kit, mixing colours to correct skin pigmentation, and advice on how to create a diverse portfolio and attract new clients.

PLUS lunch and goodie bags are also included!

For further information and to register please head here to Eventbrite.


Concept and production | Kat Williams | Rock N Roll Bride

Styling | Nova Reid | Nu Bride

Photography | Devlin Photos

Dresses | Elizabeth Stuart Bride

Hair and make-up | Joyce Connor Make-up Artist

Jewellery | Cred JewelleryFei Liu | Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Flowers | Amie Bone Flowers

Models | Cleopatra | Paige | Mahi

Veils | Rock N Roll Bride for Crown and Glory

Venue | Town Hall Hotel


Psssst! If you like these images, I’ll be sharing the full shoot very soon!