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Set in and around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, this is an editorial that walks a line between grunge and glamour. The urban setting, with its grit and grime, adds an edgy energy to the contemporary styling. The sequins and silks in particular are fabulous against this backdrop, with the sequins glinting light into the darkness, and the satin lending its softness to the hard concrete greys.



The Inspiration

Eva at Otaduy told me about the inspiration and mood of the images:

“We wanted the night time, very red, and like Asian big cities full of neon lights and red Chinese lights, and thought it was perfect mixing this with daytime and the decadence of colonial buildings covered in greenery, almost ‘eaten’ by a jungle, as nature will do to construction.

“We were also thinking about a different bride, an indie bride, inspired by films like In the Mood For Love, Dario Argento’s Suspiria, feelings of mystery, and the meanings of colours for different parts of the world: for Chinese people, the colour red is lucky, meanwhile in the West it has a connotation of danger…”

The Bride Who Loves This is…

“The bride who loves to take a risk on their look and really look for something different yet true to them. The bride who loves art, music and independent culture, who looks for their own voice in terms of style, who doesn’t follow mainstream trends, but is also elegant, selective and very free.”


I have to say that I love the touches of the 1990s in the outfits, from the black Alexander Wang cropped top, to the sheer pale lace over black.


All the Pictures


Photography | Leafhopper Weddings

Clothing | Otaduy; Alexander WangL’Arca BarcelonaAzul Aramburu 

Veil | L’Arca Barcelona

Crown | Lito y Lola 

Locations | Kuala Lumpur (streets in Chinatown and Bukit Bintang and also two speakeasies The Bee in Publika, and PS150.