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As you know, I love a bit of futuristic wedding styling, so featuring this stunning shoot was always going to happen. Add in that it’s same-sex, well just come right in already…

It further illustrates that you don’t have to wear a dress, that it doesn’t have to be white, that you can adorn yourself with general fashion not only bridal fashion, and that you can wear whatever the hell you want to on your own wedding day.

The shoot was actually put together for Catalyst magazine’s photo contest with the theme ‘Moving Forward.’

Vanessa from Bridal Marché explains, “we shot at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed City Hall in Marin County, which basically took the look to a whole new level.  I envisioned a ’60s futuristic vibe with modern touches. To take it one step further, I also wanted to play around with colour and light to create a modern yet hazy feel.”


outofthebox3 BridalMarche_Future_Outoftheboxcontest_2016(533of684) BridalMarche_Future_Outoftheboxcontest_2016(138of684)

The Story of the Shoot by Vanessa

“When we got the subject ‘moving forward,’ the first thought that came to my mind was ‘moving forward into the future.’ I love anything to do with vintage editorial and creating a modern, feminist version of that. So, I thought back to when I saw women at their strongest in fashion and in their sexuality: the ’60s, Jane Fonda, Barbarella style.”


“The next thought that came to mind was creating a simplistic version of what a wedding is and will be in the future. So many wedding styled shoots contain stationery and décor, which is absolutely fine and beautiful, but I wanted to focus on the two people getting married and show that, in the end, it’s all about them.”

BridalMarche_Future_Outoftheboxcontest_2016(209of684) BridalMarche_Future_Outoftheboxcontest_2016(200of684) BridalMarche_Future_Outoftheboxcontest_2016(254of684)

“The final outcome was a fun mix of strong feminine stances, futuristic style and two people in love who had just eloped.”


The Video


Photography | Michelle Terris Photography

Stylist/creative direction | Vanessa Prest of Bridal Marché

Dress | Ash & Light

Models | Concepcion Del Rio; Natalie Reclosado 

Video | Jessie Cagliero