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You know what I like? Shiny things. And vintage bridal. And Margate. So this styled shoot ticks all these boxes and then does extra time. Sometimes the styling of vintage wedding attire stays very much within the same boundaries we’ve always seen, and so you can get ‘vintage blindness’ or even boredom. Which is a shame because I am a huge fan of preloved (case in point: owns a preloved bridal range…).

But the styling here looks firmly to the future, what with all that metallic going on, and that creates a new and arresting context for the vintage pieces. It’s reimagined and therefore brand new again. It’s innovative and clever, and I think you might just love it…


The Story of the Shoot by Anna from Lucky Sixpence Bridal

“Lucky Sixpence Bridal recently made the move from London to the creative haven of Margate on the Kent coast. To celebrate this move, this shoot was born; aiming to showcase the beauty of the area and also local creativity. There is so much incredible talent to be found in the area, and the majority of the team on the shoot was local, while others worked a lot in the area but were based in London.


“The inspiration evolved as we went along, making for a really collaborative shoot. Starting with the idea of a desolate moonscape and Lana del Rey and Barbarella space babe vibes, the idea expanded to encompass a lot of trends in fashion/bridal fashion, including a lot of colour, doughnuts and metallics!


“This was a very exciting shoot for me as I was bringing together the worlds of London talent I already knew and expected (Lex, Sarah Baily) and new girl gang members I sought out in Margate! I had a quirky personal story as to how I knew everyone whether it was through Instagram stalking, at wedding fairs, or even meeting them in Los Angeles when I attended Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss Rally earlier this year.


“With enough skill and handwork a bride could certainly take DIY tips for their hair, make-up and nails from this shoot. And there’s likely some inspiration about dessert arrangement they could DIY from Kirsty at One In The Oven’s handiwork!


“On the day, we did DIY the flower arrangements. I had a specific idea in my head of how I wanted the flowers to be, and I wanted them to have a ‘thrown-together’ feel, almost like handpicked blooms from an alien planet! Running low on time instead of engaging a florist to expertly create that look, I took myself to a flower market in the east end super early one weekday morning and marched out with eucalyptus, pussy willow, pineapple flowers, proteas and rainbow roses. The flowers were kept in buckets as they were in my bath until a frenzy of stem cutting and tying with string happened. I simply wrapped foil around them to set off the metallics in the look. Not particularly finessed, but nonetheless we got the look we wanted and at cost!


“We wanted this shoot to speak to both a totally ‘out there’ bride who wants their personality to run throughout their day, picking up on key trends, to someone looking for a more traditional look, but wanting to be inspired to incorporate some quirks.


“In this way, this shoot was envisaged as a ‘high fashion’ style shoot where we knew that it could be used as inspiration in lots of different ways. Nothing upsets us more than brides not feeling they can do what they want for their wedding: it’s your party and you can wear a pink jumpsuit if you want to!


“As a brand, Lucky Sixpence Bridal is the outfitter for BadAss Brides. Girls who call BS on certain expectations and pressures put on them for their wedding and who want to challenge expectations and have the day that they, and their other half, truly want to experience and remember for the rest of their lives.


“All wedding dresses sold by the brand are true vintage (bringing with them style, eco-friendliness and adaptability) and are incredibly affordable. The dress featured in this shoot is a handmade 1950s gown from California and comes in at the top range of the current bridal collection at only £250.


“Our advice for creating this look for your own big day would be to try and take a step back and ask yourself what is of importance for your enjoyment of your wedding day. Once you can figure out where value lies for you, you can get creative!


“It’s important for us to consider what parts of your wedding will have a life past the big day; why not invest in a dress you could upcycle afterwards into something you could wear again, get that amazing jacket you’ll wear again and again and those shoes you’ve always wanted…now’s the time!”



Photography | Lex Fleming Photo

Vintage bridal wear | Lucky Sixpence Bridal

Bridesmaids | Peony Vintage

Metallic jackets & clutch | Sarah Baily

Earrings | Sweetie Pips

Sunglasses | Giant Vintage

Models | Siobhan, blogger at Just A UniformEmma True, actress/modelDaisy Ley, model

Hair | Love Your Hair Cassandra

Make-up | Lucy Baker

Bespoke nails | Metta Francis at Nails by Mets

Doughnuts | One In The Oven

Videography | Straight Up Grizzly

Illustrator (for commissioned wedding invites, sketches and reportage wedding illustration) | Megan Metcalf