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Fashion is having a love affair with anything galaxy, space and constellations at the moment, with absolute killer looks from Chanel, Gucci and Saint Laurent dominating my heart.

Way Out Wedding favourite Otaduy’s latest collection, Galactic Love, takes inspiration from the same pool and more subtly reflects it, most notably in the details on the Andromeda, Spica and Galatea dresses.

This shoot includes many of the dresses from the collection but rather than go space-age actually styles them ‘1990s meets high street meets couture’. Definitely my kind of look, mashed up so.

Stylist Monica Anoz says,

“We wanted to achieve a bold style, with grunge touches, lots of leather, and vintage elements, such as Gucci pearl shoes, grid t-shirts, jewellery, cowboy boots and black sunglasses. However, we wanted to keep the classic touches like silk, embroidery, and exquisite fabrics to the touch and sight.”

We never stopped orbiting together. We are the universe.


The Concept Behind Galactic Love

“They say the most special stars are those found solitary and magically floating in the void until a supernatural force fuses them together in the same orbit. So, the two lovers begin to dance surrounded by particles of love and interstellar dust, as if they were alone in the immensity of the universe. Because at a time when some want to build walls, we have to shine and believe in the universalities that bring us together.


Galactic Love is the new collection from Carolina Otaduy, full of magic, shine and, like always, loads of personality. The wedding dresses are named after planets and constellations, creating a melting pot of messages and symbols associated with positive energy and good vibrations that gives this cosmic collection a very special aura.


“With daring pieces that are much more ‘out-there’ than normal, Galactic Love features straight, geometric lines with loads of tulle, silk and embroidery designed exclusively by Otaduy. The bell sleeves on the Venus dress, the galactic Andromeda in tulle and pink pearls, and the embossed flowers on the Cressida vest are just some examples of the originality and leitmotif of this new collection.


“Without a doubt, the newest concept from this wedding-gown brand is to transport Otaduy brides to an unknown universe where love knows no limits and where they can feel free, empowered and very feminine.”

Shop the Look

Come and see all the designs in the Galactic Love collection.



Photography | Días de Vino y Rosas

Styling | Monica Anoz

Hair and make-up | Making of Hair

Shoes | Gucci

Jewellery, belt | Vintage

Jackets | Vintage; The Kooples

Sunglasses | Vintage; Mr Boho

Shirt | Urban Outfitters

Boots | Sandro Paris; Grinders