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If you were to ask us what we love here at Way Out Wedding, we’d probably reply with exceptional design, badass inspiration and things being made with love. And it seems like the millinery wizard that is Ann-Marie Faulkner is speaking our language with her brand new bridal accessory collection, the gorgeous thing! Aptly named ‘Night Blooms’, both in homage to the twilight nights spent at the studio crafting the collection (as the days were spent caring for her equally gorgeous newborn, Woody), and the beauty and magic that can be found in the nighttime and the dark, it’s a veritable oasis of texture, pattern, and undeniable cool.

Ann-Marie has effortlessly created a collection that simultaneously captures the timeless beauty of bridal whilst totally turning it on its head. It’s probably not until you’ve seen her stuff that you’d even consider a black polka dot veil – but trust us, it looks deeeeeelicious with an ivory dress (or any other bridal ensemble, for that matter!). All of her pieces are super versatile, featuring pins, bands, and combs with day and night combinations. She’s also bringing double-tier veils back (YES to that retro gem) in a way they’ve never been seen before. As the collection is all about how captivating the night is, it only seemed right that her collection feature two-tier veils, to enshroud you in wonder, and represent the mysterious pull of the moon as the day turns to night and back again.

Add to this hundreds of hand sewn sequins that catch the light and cascading iridescent beads, soft smoky grey tulle embellished with dusky grey pearls, and metallic flowers in über cute crescent moons, and you start to get the idea of just how magical Night Blooms 2018 is.

You can buy Ann-Marie Faulkner from The W Edit directory member Rock The Frock, Florence & Dot, as well as directly from the website.


Photography | James Champion
Styling | Ann-Marie Faulkner
Hair & make-up | Portraits Bridal
Jumpsuit | Velvet Johnstone
Jewellery | Florence & Dot
Model | Audrey Jocelyn