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See You Never, 2017!! But You Were Amazing <3

The last day of 2017 is here, so it’s time to reflect on what’s been happening for Way Out Wedding over the last 12 months. I love doing this because you can see in one glance how many brilliant things have happened. Sometimes we worry about where we aren’t instead of celebrating how far we’ve come. Guilty! But writing these always makes me feel fuzzy and proud as punch. Not to mention fired up for the coming year!


I think the best thing that happened this year was that Ellie Kime of The Wedding Enthusiast joined the team as my wing woman. I’ve never been any good at delegating, especially when something is ‘my baby’ in the way this blog is, but with Ellie I had, for the first time ever, zero fear. In fact, I couldn’t wait to hand stuff over as she’s absolutely breathed new life into the feel and voice of the blog. Plus it’s meant that as I choose who’s featured, Ellie actually gets it up on the blog quickly, rather than like in the past where I’d never have time to do it so you’d never hear about them. Ellie is a blogging machine and writes magic in double-quick time, all of which means a ton more content for all you couples planning your weddings!


How To Plan Your Wedding With Hidden Disabilities in Mind

As a mum of two children who both have what’s known as ‘hidden disabilities’, attending even family gatherings, never mind weddings, is a huge challenge. My husband and I usually spend the whole time anticipating or soothing their sensory overloads and missing the event, or sometimes if it’s all too much we simply have to leave early.

What is a hidden disability, you might be asking, and why would that happen? We’re all familiar with disabilities where equipment such as a wheelchair or hearing aids makes it clear that someone needs additional support, but what about when there are no obvious pointers like these to suggest that someone might be struggling? Neurological conditions like autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and a whole host of ‘syndromes without a name’, don’t always come with support aids (although lots do). Many of them come with ‘invisible’ characteristics such as being overwhelmed, and actually pained, by noises, smells, and lights, which can be really challenging and actually impossible to cope with in a noisy, busy, ‘neurotypical’ world. We are beginning to accommodate the needs of those with these disabilities – we have quiet hours in shops, and autism-friendly performances in theatres and cinemas where the house lights aren’t totally off and the volume is lower – but we still have a long way to go…


Feminist, Bold and Badass Bridal Shoot

Much of the bridal world is ‘sweet’ and stereotypically ‘girly’ (I don’t even like typing that word as I hate gender constructs, and always strive to ignore them in the hope they’ll go away), but rising star and styling genius Michaela of Clear-Hearts created today’s shoot that challenges that notion of bridal in terms of its position of the overriding default and dares to dream of another type: kick-ass, bold, darker and residing in the rock or metal world. You don’t have to like pink to be a bride (although that is also OK if you do).


Follow the Call of the Neon, Sequins and Disco Balls


In a world of weddingy weddings, be a disco ball. Be a neon sign. Be sequins, glitter and a mardi gras of brights. Deliver us from the everyday, PLEASE! The team that pulled this incredible shoot together has responded to that plea from so many couples and shown that there are suppliers out there who will produce such magic.

Ellie from Inner City Weddings, who conceptualised and styled the shoot, is here to tell the tale of how it all came about…