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Cowboy Psychedelia + Priscilla Presley Wedding…With Zebras!!

OK, are you sitting comfortably? Close your eyes (give me your hand, darling…), and imagine the coolest wedding that the vistas of your mind can come up with. We’re talking insanely cool, pin-every-photo, I-want-to-be-that-bride kind of cool. Got it? OK, open your eyes, because we’ve blown the brief into another dimension with this real wedding, captured by Giulia Masci.

Inspired by the Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra cowboy psychedelia with a touch of Priscilla Presley’s 1967 wedding gown, you know this wedding is going to be incredible, and totally out of this world.


Les Héroïnes

Shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses can be a difficult task, on both sides. As a bride, you’re demonised wherever you look, by virtue of being a bride boxed in as someone INFLEXIBLE AND MEAN who will inevitably choose ATROCIOUS DRESSES that feel more like some kind of tulle prison garment than a fun and comfortable party outfit. As a bridesmaid, you may feel conflicted as if you’re not given freedom, the chance of you liking your outfit is potentially slim, but if you are given freedom, where do the boundaries lie with what you can choose, and when they say ‘Wear what you want!’, do they actually, genuinely mean it? It’s a bloody minefield.


Crazy Sexy Cool Love Collection from French Designer Violette Tannenbaum

You may have read in Erin’s post from New Year’s Eve that the blog is seguing from a focus on real weddings to more of a style- and fashion-led direction. The reason for that is because there’s just so much goodness out there that it would be criminal not to share it with you all. Too many cooks spoil a broth, but too many incredible industry creatives make a blog.

Today’s blog post is no exception. I know you’re already enthralled by the suspended florals, the glowing skin, the power posing and the cool-as-hell styling – of course you are, you’ve got eyes – but just you wait until you see the rest of the collection. They’re all absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.

The dresses come from French wedding dress designer Violette Tannenbaum and they form the Crazy Sexy Cool Love collection – and you can see why. For this collection, the Violette Tannenbaum bride is crazy about her partner, but wants to remain bold whilst she ensures she feels beautiful. She walks barefoot to the altar, padding as carefreely along soft plush carpet as she does through a long and overgrown meadow. When she gets to the altar, her hands are in her dress pockets, but later on the dancefloor, they’re well and truly destined for the sky.

Crafted from sensational fluid fabrics and punchy geometric laces, all of her dresses are easy to wear and so easy to love. They feature nice cuts and stunning silhouettes to remain irresistibly cool. On top of that, with voluminous ruffle shoulder detailing and sheer polkadot lace panelling, it’s ticking all of the boxes for 2018, expressing a playful je ne sais quoi whilst retaining timeless beauty. And let’s just talk about that statement open back pattern, blending geometric lusciousness with more traditional and historical shapes into one never-ending period of gold-sunglassed romance.

We’re also very much here for Violette’s mission statement: convinced that a bride can be a free, sexy and fashionable woman, Violette imagines dresses that break the traditional rules of wedding garments. She finds her inspiration in the women of her family, iconic personalities like Toni Morrison, Angela Davis, Nina Simone, and also other designers she admires. Violette creates dresses for the women who want to be confident, to get married as they want, just by being themselves. Then, in her Parisian atelier, she uses the most beautiful fabrics, and her French expertise to make these confident dreams a reality.

Violette, consider your mission accomplished – but this is only just the beginning.

Now, fall in crazy sexy cool love with these irresistible designs…


Ann Marie Faulkner Launches Night Blooms 2018

If you were to ask us what we love here at Way Out Wedding, we’d probably reply with exceptional design, badass inspiration and things being made with love. And it seems like the millinery wizard that is Ann-Marie Faulkner is speaking our language with her brand new bridal accessory collection, the gorgeous thing! Aptly named ‘Night Blooms’, both in homage to the twilight nights spent at the studio crafting the collection (as the days were spent caring for her equally gorgeous newborn, Woody), and the beauty and magic that can be found in the nighttime and the dark, it’s a veritable oasis of texture, pattern, and undeniable cool.


Daughters of Simone Dawn of a New Age Collection

OK, I’m going to let you in on a lil’ industry secret here, kids – when a new collection, product or project is announced, the people behind it usually have an accompanying press release. It’s a little bit from the makers, or at least those hired by the makers, to explain more behind the newness and detail why it’s so good, and thus why you should totally feature it. It’s always nice to get a better understanding of these things, but – and this is where the secret comes in – they’re usually fairly perfunctory. This collection has turned that on its head, and then some. (This is about as far as I can take that phrase – because if you turn more than on its head, do you just start going back to the beginning?) I’ve never had goosebumps and a lump in my throat so intensely after reading any two paragraphs before, never mind from a press release. Ladies and gentlefolk, welcome to the ‘Dawn of A New Age’ collection from the incredible Daughters of Simone.