Bride in Boots

May 29, 2013By Erin BalfourInspiration

On one of my many late-night, should-really-be-getting-some-shut-eye, moseying around Pinterest sessions, I came across loads of brides with amazing dresses wearing cowboy boots underneath. I’m up on most trends, thanks to a magazine obsession that began in the first form at big school (Year 7 to all you young ones!), but this one had passed … Read More

Wedding Gifting the Lollyrocket Way

May 29, 2013By Erin BalfourGift Guide

When we lived in Kettering for a bit, the best thing to arrive on the scene was a little shop called Lollyrocket. It was like stepping into the past in the best, best way. It was the antidote to all the usual high street shops, and a vintage/retro lover’s call home. There’s even going to … Read More

Wedding anniversary gift guide

May 27, 2013By Erin BalfourGift Guide

Once the excitement of styling the wedding day has passed, and you settle into happily married life, there is still stuff to look forward to in terms of creativity. We have the anniversaries! I call it (jokingly) the incentivised stepped increase program. You begin with paper on anniversary one, passing through cotton and leather as … Read More

Emma Lucy Photography

May 19, 2013By Erin BalfourPhotography

If you’re after something a little bit different for your wedding photos, how could you not go for Emma Lucy who has a bike called Derek? Her website is very, very personable, and you totally get the sense of the fun you’ll have spending your wedding day with her from this first contact. It was me … Read More

Lace Wedding Dresses on Etsy

May 15, 2013By Erin BalfourThe Dress

Lace doesn’t have to be twee or ‘little old lady’. It’s got a beautiful link to the past that when you get it right with a modern look, it’s very, very right. Here are a few of my picks from Etsy where lace and wedding dress go perfectly together.