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Colourful Trash the Dress at Derelict Power Station

Modern romance is kind of our whole vibe here at Way Out Wedding, so when we saw this edgy take on the ‘trash my dress’ theme, we fell a little bit in love. Shot in a derelict power station in Lancashire (bringing a plethora of new meanings to powerful imagery and the powerhouse suppliers behind this shoot), it’s a middle finger to tradition and a celebration of exhilirating newlywed romance. Who says you can’t spend your honeymoon period throwing a smokebomb at your wedding day outfit?

This shoot is deliciously gritty. The raw elements, graffiti’ed walls and some badass braids to complete the look make it perfect for the modern Way Out Bride, who’s looking to push boundaries, maybe push buttons and who isn’t afraid to go all out.


Surprise Rainbow Powder Trash the Dress Shoot


I am genuinely fascinated by trash the dress shoots!! I featured a post a while back about them where I came down more on the side of ‘bless the dress‘, saying that I couldn’t personally ever do brutal things to a wedding dress!! I still don’t think I could cut my own up – *palpitations* – but I do love to see how much smiling there is in these photos from the sisters as they totally annihilate the dress: it must have been such a freeing and anarchic act!!



A Rock the Dress meets Styled Shoot in Hackney Wick Woods

White with Two Sugars_Kaye&Sye_070216_236_edit

I was really so excited by this shoot when it arrived in my inbox from Georgie at White With Two Sugars Photography because it’s a cross between a rock the dress shoot, a family portrait session, and a styled shoot collaboration using a real-life couple. The result is this gorgeous and eclectic mix of both wedding inspiration and genuine love. Add to that, those shoes and dress!!!

If you like what you see here, make sure you get in touch with Georgie, who says, “I hope to do further real couple shoots soon, and it would be fab if any of your readers got in touch to volunteer to be part of this project; they just need to wear their wedding outfits again, and who doesn’t want to do that!”

White with Two Sugars_Kaye&Sye_070216_043_edit White with Two Sugars_Kaye&Sye 1 White with Two Sugars_Kaye&Sye 2

White with Two Sugars_Kaye&Sye_070216_081_edit


Fashionista Bride: A New Kind of Trash the Dress from Photographic Blonde


I have to trash my beautiful wedding dress vicariously through other brave paint-spattered brides. I love all the colours, and the amazing images they’re treated to, and probably the sense of anarchy and smashing the system by ruining such an important item of clothing. The argument for a good trashing: when, really, will you wear it again? This way, you’ll have some killer images and memories. Against: holy shiz, that’s your WEDDING DRESS. I just can’t bring myself to do it. This is why ‘Fashionista Bride‘ by the amazing Photographic Blonde caught my eye. It’s way more bless the dress, treasure the dress, be incredibly nice to that dress and still have lovely images. Much more me.

I think what maybe puts people off is the language. To trash such an expensive and emotive piece of clothing is so final, and the connotations of the word ‘trash’ (garbage, throwaway, worthless) are disrespectful, really. The word ‘fashionista’, on the other hand, is great because it’s a compliment, and it suggests style savvy, finger on the pulse, fashion-magazine fabulous. It’ll definitely appeal to more folk with just a simple tweak of the terminology from destruction to esteem. And, of course, by not actually effing up your best dress ever with indelible paints, damaging water or great big rips.


There’s also the ethical side of not trashing the dress. I wrote recently about preloved wedding dresses, and how it’s better for the environment and also it could help out a fellow bride on a tiny budget. By simply honouring your gown with fabulous and fashion magazine-worthy photos, it remains perfectly intact for the next owner, and you get yet more pictures of yourself as bridal goddess to show your other half, kids, next door, all the relatives, the meter-reader, everyone ever.

You can see how the Fashionista Bride package was inevitable for Emily, owner of Photographic Blonde, as a long-term lover of all things fashion since being bowled over by those powerful and heady glossy magazine editorials from a young age. I am a fellow addict…

The first time I saw an editorial fashion story in Vogue I was captivated. I was only 14 at the time, but as the stacks of fashion magazines in my bedroom grew, I became determined that one day I would create my own fashion stories.

After studying fashion photography at the renowned London College of Fashion, I set sail around the world as a cruise ship photographer, capturing images of the people, the places and the moments. These experiences inspired me to become a bridal photographer, combining my love for photographing people, locations and fashion – after all, weddings are fabulous real life fashion shoots.

PhotographicBlonde_FashionistaBride09 PhotographicBlonde_FashionistaBride06 PhotographicBlonde_FashionistaBride07 PhotographicBlonde_FashionistaBride08

As well as photographing amazing weddings, I specialize in Fashionista Bride shoots after the wedding. This allows brides to celebrate and experiment with their unique style and capture the perfect images of this special time in their lives away from the pressures or constraints of the big day.

Not only does the bride get the chance to let her imagination go wild, but my own love of fantasy fairytales, the unimaginable and a desire to push the boundaries of a photo shoot come in to play. No matter the challenge, the Fashionista Bride shoot is exciting, creative and a liberating experience.

PhotographicBlonde_FashionistaBride04 PhotographicBlonde_FashionistaBride19

So, while I love looking at trash the dress shoots, and I think they’re incredibly artistic, I find myself probably more a ‘bless the dress’ girl when it comes to my own gown. In fact, I’m already planning a photo session for my dress and me, and it involves sequins, pink and teal powderbombs, and glitter. So, basically, there’s room for it all – gutsy girls can trash their dresses and we will all coo at the images, and girls who couldn’t bear to see anything other than good things happen to such a precious item of clothing can be Fashionista Brides and we will all coo at the images in equal measure.

Are you a trash the dress girl, or rock the frock? I’d love to hear which you are and why, so let me know!

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