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River and Sunset Couple Shoot


Couple shoots are such a great way to capture, professionally, beautiful images of you both that you’ll be able to look back on with pride for ever. I know there’s a place for snapshots and selfies – they’re really special in their own right – but a professional photographer is able to bring so much in terms of technical expertise and getting the best out of you both.

I love this one from Sheryl of Oobaloos Photography, where the couple even ended up posing for shots in the river!

Sheryl says, “I held a competition on my Facebook page for three lucky couples to win a Sunset Couples Shoot, with me with all of the images. I was overwhelmed by the response, and I had three ways to win: the most votes, a random pick, and photographer’s choice. I met Shelley and Pete here at a wedding last year, and I loved their style and their attitude. I picked them as the ‘photographer’s choice’ winners as they fit in exactly with me, my style, and my slightly kooky ways!”

You can see more of Sheryl’s gorgeous work on Way Out Wedding here.





Love Sick London Love Shoot


This is how I love the couples and love shoots I feature to look – a couple dressed up to the nines (the more effort you put into the outfits, for me, the better the photos look) and laughing and being goofy together. Crazy in love shining through every image.

Today’s shoot is from Rabbit & Pork Photography (who I love!), and it’s actually also a product photography shoot. Verity explains,

“This was a love shoot I did for Love Sick London: a streetwear clothing brand born out of the love for London, tattoos and skate culture. They wanted to use real couples around London for the launch of some new products.”

Courtney and Bud, who met a year and a half ago at a tattoo convention and have basically been inseparable ever since, shine in these photos. Courtney is a tattoo artist and model, Bud is also a model, and together they rock this brand of clothing completely. And Kings Cross with all its rough diamond charm is the perfect backdrop to it all.



Pineapple Love Shoot


Pineapples are having a moment again. And they’re a big motif in this fun and happy love shoot, not only where the couple is goofing around with actual pineapples, but they’re also getting matching tattoos with this in the design. Aw! Love these two!



The Story of Manon and Florian

“We met two years ago at a garden party in Toulouse. We were in the line for the photobooth and we started talking. We started dating two months after that, and then eight months later we moved in together. 

“We are both pretty young (25 years’ old) and not in a hurry to get married, but we both know that we’re soul mates and that we will definitely get married one day. Maybe in two or three years. We do speak about it sometimes, and we like to picture the big day… We know where it will happen, and we have an idea of the number of guests. So, now… let’s save some money for this big day!

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Love shoot in Buxton – Ellie and Josh



The edgy photography style in this love shoot grabbed me the instant I saw it. It’s by Bridgwood Wedding Photography, whose style is arrestingly unique, and Steve behind the camera is just so lovely that I think you should book him right now for your wedding!!


His subjects here are fellow photographers Ellie and Josh, who both have incredible dress sense, and I want to buy a short white dress to go with my DMs now. The 1990s looking as fine as ever! Long live.


And for me, what marks this apart from other couple shoots I’ve seen is that Ellie and Josh have dressed up. They’ve worn camera-friendly colours, and outfits that definitely won’t be lost in the background. If you’re planning on having a shoot like this, get yourself dolled right up. Be bold and you will have bold, interesting photos. Dress down, and your pictures may end up a little normal looking. Go fancy or go home!